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05-24-2007, 07:11 AM
I didnt bother with getting the epic flying mount when I bought the 300 riding skill, but now when I got the Swift Flight Form, Im like a bullet and I love it! :D :)

Quest line was fairly easy, hooked up with a Balance druid half way, for the Setthek Halls bit we were 2 ferals and 1 balance druid with a paladin and a preist, both holy and it worked like a charm. Wiped once on trash due to the lack of CC, and some on last boss.

I had done the instance in heroic prepatch and it helped some. The Quest Boss we managed to one-shot, Hard tanking tho with 10-15 birds all over the place, a frost nova could really be helpful here.

Swift Flight Form made me a happy druid :) Got /applaud from Tauren druids, felt like having full T6 hanging around in Shatt in SFF :P

Aed - Happy Cannonball!

05-24-2007, 07:32 AM
I did the same thing as you (sort of; everytime I got my gold up, I had to spend money on something, so I borrowed the last 2.5k gold on Tuesday) in only getting the riding skill.

Quest line was easy, but that was a lot of running back and forth, shesh. Not that I mind; I'm actually disappointed that, after all of that wait, I was able to get epic flight form in one day.

My group had a bit of trouble. I had an out-of-guild resto for healing, out-of-guild feral for DPS/Off-tank, and an in-guild warlock and hunter. We had trouble with the AoEing. Eventually, we got it when the Feral threw on healing gear and off-healed--very mana intensive fight.

And what drops? The tanking gun. >< Ran it again today, though; got the feral belt!

Definately know what you mean. We were the first three druids with it on the server, and we formed a conga-line and flew around Shattrath. It was truly awesome, and it felt great.

Also, I like how they changed the Horde Druid Flight Form color. Overdue, imo.

05-25-2007, 09:59 AM
It took me 2 days to get mine, I was just kinda lazy with starting the questline, and by the time I finished it the first day it was way too late for a sethekk halls run, lol. But it was fun, I really enjoyed the questline, enjoyed the boss fight as well. We had 2 ferals including myself on the run, I kitty pewpewed, the other tanked, and we had a fire mage, a resto shammy in elemental gear, and a healy priesty. It took us a couple tries just to get a good feel of the fight, but I think we all had fun with it. Our priest got the epic bracers that dropped off the last boss too, so it was a win-win run, really.

I love just flying around, zooming around everywhere, instead of taking griffons, lol, it's just fun. Glad I saved up the 5kg for this :D