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06-02-2007, 12:46 AM
Ok need some advice. I finally made my Heavy Clefthoof set and now I am wondering what gems I should put in the set. I do have LW so I get the slight bonus from the set.

y armory profile is

Not sure if it updated when I logged out in my bear gear but here is a bit of info if need be. Will log again later tonight in bear gear.

In Dire Bear form


This is all unbuffed and I am a new druid so I know I have a good way to upgrade but slowly getting my items up to a decent set.

Any and all help/suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Also any advice on what item/trinket etc I should focus on upgrading asap would be great...seems I have having issues getting my Def up to the 415 that I need for crit defense.

06-02-2007, 01:28 AM
defiantly go with the 4def/6sta one in the yellow slots and 12sta ones in the blues...once you get your defense over 415 and can swap out the yellows for just the 12 sta ones

Looks like you logged out in cat form stuff...or i would give you some more easy suggestions for def items.

06-02-2007, 01:35 AM
thanks will try those out. I just logged out for the night and was in bear gear again but don't look like armory is updating. So hopefully over night it will reset if not I will just list my gear here slot by slot.

06-02-2007, 09:50 AM
Head - doesnt looked socketed yet. Defiantly put a 4def/6sta in it, or just the lesser cheap one 3def/4sta, if you can get a stylish purple hat, you will be set for a while.

Neck - work on your Cenarion Expedition rep a little more and get revered, and you can buy this neck its excellent to use till you can get a better purple.

Cloak - quite a few different tanking cloaks out there, for defense if you still need it I beleive I used the one from Black Morass for the longest time, then switched to the armor/sta one from Mechinar once my def was high

Chest - socket that puppy and you are good to go

Bracer - you are set for a while, maybe try and get +sta on it

Gloves - if you havent done the quest for the Verdant gloves in Shadowmoon, try to hit up that line, or if you are good at getting instance runs, I personally like the Wastewalkers gloves from the last guy in Shattered Halls, put 2 +12 sta gems in them and you have insane stamina on just gloves

Belt - I actualy still use this one as well, trying to get that epic Tree Mender one in heroics though

Legs - just need socketed

Boots - just need socketed

Rings - run Old Hillsbrad a few times, the first guy drops a decent armor/def/sta ring and it's generally disenchanted, and it's not unique.

Trinkets - it's up to the player what they do here. I used a couple +def trinkets till I was up above 415, now I mix in dps/sta trinkets depending what and where I am tanking.

06-02-2007, 11:11 AM
Ah thanks a lot will take that into account and work on that.

I am just starting to do instances tbh. I basically soloed my way to 70 and only did to instance's run and never did either go all the way through. But now that I am in a guild, only druid atm, they are doing runs with me so that I can get the hang of tanking with them. Just be hesitant to do runs as I am new to druid and not use to tanking.

I been meaning to socket the items (other then the clefthoof of course but was unsure and did not want to waste money/gems in not knowing.

Oh and on the neck I am working on a quest line that gives me this... then once I have that I will most likely work on kitty gear a bit more as well but been focusing on tanking items so that I can start doing more runs for rep and such.