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06-12-2007, 04:57 AM
Plz tell me your experiences in builts suitable for PvP!!

Im a PvP noob and i wonder if a 1/46/14 is best for PvP!

My thoughts were, if mangle > natures swiftness.
something like 0/38/23 built!
is mangle really that important in PvP?

yesterday i saw a video of a 12/11/38 druid in PvP and he owned!
resto in PvP?

What do u think?

06-12-2007, 05:55 AM
Well, I use 1/46/14. But mainly for PvE. That it is nice in PvP is just a side-effect.
Certainly this is not the ideal way to skill a PvP-druid, because survivability suffers without SoN. You deal A LOT of damage, but have no instant heal.

IHMO the "classic" PvP build is 1/39/21 ( One point for Nature's Grasp in balance, 21 für SoN in resto, and all the others in feral.
You will not deal as much damage as with full feral, but you will survive many fights you would not otherwise.
How you spread the 39 points in feral is pretty much up to your taste, but you should definitely get HotW and LotP/ILotP.

Another interesting build would be to go balance/resto. Something around 27/0/34 ( That way you deal good damage and can heal pretty well. It is not suited for Pve very well, but in PvP it should be quite interesting to play.

06-12-2007, 06:22 AM
I use the 1/46/14 build...
I think its a pretty viable PVP build, IF you have a good mana pool..

Try to aim for at least a manapool at 5.5K so you can shift/heal alot.. If you really want to get more shift and heal try to get some moonglade parts..

I currently have 9K hp 5.7K mana and about 2.4K AP / 30% crit in full PVP gear, and I find it quite good.
It dont have the really good survivability as the previous stated build (1/39/21) - but you will deal more damage..

Its really up to playstyle as well. Test out a few specs for a week or something, see wich ones you like the best..

But its nothing like jumping a warlock, hearing a clearcast sound and 4/5 shotting that piece of cloth...