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07-03-2007, 03:38 PM
Call my cynical but I expect Lifebloom to be nerfed. Blizzard has a history of giving then taking away useful abilities, and as soon as Lifebloom was fixed, after the patch-before-last I think, I started expecting a future nerf. They just can't let us have something too useful for too long.

I hate that crap. When Blizz gave epic flight form the ability to herb, I had to have it. I pursued it for that reason alone - could have just bought my mount, but I didn't, and that's why. A few weeks later they took the herb ability away from epic flight form. Predictable? Maybe. But I'm still not really over that nerf.

Just one example of the countless nerfs I've endured. My pally and rogue aren't played anymore, and the next few druid nerfs will probably drive me away from the game. This PC nerfing crap just kills my interest.

Anyway, yeah, Lifebloom is next. With the recent fix it makes me very survivable. I <gasp> actually win duels from time to time against classes that used to own me, and I am a more capable healer overall. Well, this simply can't last very long.

So expect it. :(

07-03-2007, 05:35 PM
It's a shame you have such a pessimistic view on the game. It's just that, a game and there to enjoy the time you spend in it.

As to the change to Lifebloom. IMO, it's been a bug this whole time that the +heal bonus was not applied to anything beyond the first stack, and with it taking them 5 months to change the spell, I don't expect them to revert that change anytime soon ( barring any bugs that effect +heal or stacking healing spells ).

The herbing in Epic Flight was fun while it lasted, but it was far too OP to not be changed. First and foremost you could pick herbs a good 10 feet above the ground, not aggroing anything. 2nd, even if you did aggro, just a few flaps up and the mob reset and you were out of combat. Every other class has to get off their mount to herb, our advantage is our insta cast.

I'm quite pleased with my druid, and will continue to be so, come buff or come nerf.

07-04-2007, 05:26 AM
Herbing in flight form was, as said, totally OP and probably not even intended. We already have an instant cast mount (wich is waaaaaay good).. having us farm herb mounted also is just plain stupid IMHO.

07-04-2007, 07:39 AM
The herbalism was I have to say a bit's not a huge deal really.

As for lifebloom....well....there would really never be any reason to nerf it. It's incredibly efficient....but that's its only advantage. That's its purposeful advantage. If you have crazy good gear and you perfectly time it and put up your 3 stacks with trinkets blazing.....and then maintain those can maybe get about 1k hps and it's iffy and requires you to never fail to replenish the stack before that 7 second timer ends. That's fine and dandy....except paladins, priests, and dreamstate build (healing touch) druids can do way more than that. You still cannot keep a raid tank up with lifeblooms. Lifebloom got the buff (I say fix) it needed to take its place as an efficient worthwhile HoT that mitigates incoming damage on the tank...which is incredibly important so spikes don't kill them before big direct heals hit.

07-08-2007, 05:33 PM
Actually there is more to Lifebloom than mana efficiency. For instance, threat generated by the bloom effect applies to the recipient of the heal, and not the druid healer.

Neither the game, nor its developers, are perfect. That means there are -gasp- flaws. I submit that a major flaw is the influence exhibited by the PC/OP police. WoW apologists and OP police who cannot bear inherent inequality, nor their realm and/or its developers being blasted with criticism, are welcome to continue playing until everyone has been nerfed into precise equality -- and, unlike Big9erfan, I won't even call it a shame.

Anyway, I hope you are right, and that it will not be changed again. But like it or not, there is vast precedent for talents/abilities being fixed and refixed within a short period of time. In my years of playing I've endured too many nerfs to continue standing by, playing in good faith, waiting for the next one.

07-10-2007, 03:05 PM
The lifebloom threat follows precedent with Judgement of Light and Prayer of Mending. Both spells act like self heals, and the "credit" is not applied to the caster but to the person healed. Being a basic game mechanic, I don't see this changing in the near future, if at all.