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07-09-2007, 03:08 AM
im feral since lvl 1 and now i got to the outlands and
gathered a heal equip (mostly quest rewards, some items from ramparts & blood furnace).
Now i want to heal some of the instances cause many ppl say a feral dudu can heal quite well too.

my problem is now heal efficiency!!
how to keep your maintank up??
give him HOTs at fight start and then stay on healingtouch?
maybe with an extra reju as it runs out!
Or do you guys use regrowth in fight too??
Cause it looks to me, that a regrowth isnt that much of a lifesaver infight when 3-4 mobs are hitting the tank...

i know its mostly training on that but
can u guys give me some starting-advice plz!!

07-09-2007, 10:55 AM
I look at regrowth as an emergency stop-gap. It's very expensive and not very efficient, but it's the fastest heal we have, and sometimes you don't have 3 seconds for a healing touch to land. As a feral spec with no healing talents but a good set of healing gear (almost 1300 +heal), I try to use lifebloom, rejuv and a couple different ranks of healing touch to keep up the main tank.

07-09-2007, 12:20 PM
I used to use Rejuv and HT exclusively, but over time I evolved to use Regrowth more. What I normally do is HoT the tank up at the start of the fight with Regrowth/Rejuv, then cast a downranked HT for ~2K health (exact rank varies depending on the amount of +heal you have) as needed. Refresh Rejuv whenever it expires, save Regrowth for spike situations where you need a quick burst to give enough time for a slower HT. Lifebloom is also good for the start of the fight to give the tank a little extra aggro, just remember that the initial pulses count to you, so make sure you don't slap it on the tank while the mobs are still running to him/her or they'll run right past and make a b-line for you.

07-21-2007, 08:07 AM
Well with good healing gear your best bet for keeping one or two targets up is to stack your lifebloom if you have it. Keeping a stack of 3 up on your main tank with a rejuv should keep your take up at full health. Depending on the tank you might need to hit him with a regrowth once in a while or you might not even need the rejuv. Hit the tank with your regrowths or rejjuvs right after you land your lifebloom so you have plently of time to follow up with another lifebloom after the rejuv or regrowth. The problem I had to learn with lifebloom is unlike our other heal over times it heals every second. So even though it appears to be healing for less then the other two its doing it 3times as fast. With my healing gear sitting at about 1100 my fully stacked lifebloom heals every second for about 500 health.