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07-23-2007, 07:33 PM

I am doing arena 2v2 with my rogue buddy and currently we are fluctuating between 1800 and 1900 rating. I am restoration specced for season 2 after being balance in season 1. After the trinket change bursting one while controlling the other became increasingly difficult and hence we decided to try an outlasting approach. At this point I have noticed that pretty much all the opposing teams have either a warlock or a warrior which leads to some problems.

With warrior teams the problem is apparent - my rogue partner can't really stand up to the opposing dps toe-to-toe which leads us to our general tactic. I try to cc the warrior as much as possible while my partner slowly kills the opposing healer. This works quite well against some teams, but a warrior/paladin team (the norm) where the warrior always goes after the rogue just seems plain impossible. The paladin always outlasts my mana. Sometimes we manage to pull off a successful restealth/drink after the paladin blows his shield but mostly a well played pala/warr team just mops the floor with us. Any help against this combo would be appreciated.

Warlocks, on the other hand, we can handle much better. The problem with warlock teams is that when the warlock has a healer we absolutely, positively must destroy his felhunter. Well, it can be done sometimes without killing the pet, but mostly it's a huge annoyance to me. A combat-mutilate rogue on the pet with both the 'lock and the healer trying to keep it up while simultaneously applying dots doesn't seem to work all that well.

Anyhow, the real problem with warlocks is when they are teamed up with another dps, particularly shadow priests. This pesky combo can dish out some enormous dps and often they manage to kill my partner while I'm stuck in a fear/silence/spellock. Shadow resist gear isn't really an option since gear changing inside the arena will be disabled in the next patch.

Nowadays we go for the SP first while I cyclone the warlock. Pretty soon I find myself forced to blow both NS+HT and swiftmend on the rogue. At this point, if I'm standing in a good position and able to go out of LOS when needed, and they continue to dps the rogue, we can pull a win off. But more often than not they either go for me and I'm usually dead within 10 seconds, or they manage to control me long enough to kill the rogue (which isn't a very long time at all). Is this a problem with teams that go for very high damage and lower survivability? It seems like all we need is to buy just 10 more seconds, which often seems just as impossible as outlasting that paladin's manabar. The margin of error is just too low for me to cope, any ideas how to survive just a bit longer would be nice :)

07-28-2007, 12:06 PM
Hey, I also am resto druid with a rogue as my 2s partner. What spec is your rogue partner, and if you don't mind do you have a link to both of your armory pages? For warrior pally, i usually CC the warrior as best as possible cyclone, cyclone, cyclone, root, root, root, bear feral charge, wait stun, warstomp, cyclone ... the trick is to get the paladin to bubble after this we usually save our sprints and then re stealth and start again. Usually works well, but on nagrand arena not enough los to get away from warrior intercept. I will continue my post later today, I have to go write a program for linux class now = )