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08-21-2007, 02:17 PM
I don't think I've seen anyone post here that mentioned being from Scarlet Crusade, but my guild is recruiting so I thought I'd toss up our recruitment post here. If you have any questions, let me know!


One of the oldest guilds on Scarlet Crusade, the Silver Legacy is a close-knit group of roleplayers, raiders, storytellers and savants. We are a medium-RP guild that welcomes mature players from all walks of life to join us in our adventures across the worlds of Azeroth and Outland. We use guild chat, /say and /emote to roleplay while maintaining a separate channel for OOC chatting.

As a member of the guild, you can enjoy many of the positive benefits of being part of the family. Our guild chat is engaging and free of l33t and d00dspeak. Our long lasting relationship with many guilds on the server means that a recommendation from one of our longstanding members can actually get you somewhere. Moreover, our standards for recruitment means you can always take pride in your guild-tag knowing your fellow guildmembers take the reputation of the guild seriously.

Silver Legacy supports a wide variety of playstyles, from serious RPers to casual 'once a week' players to 'serious' raiders. We are actively pursuing endgame content through weekly raids and heroics, but are recruiting characters of all levels for good clean fun, be they 'mains' or 'alts'.

Currently, the Silver Legacy is mounting a fierce offensive against the Burning Legion and its agents. ICly, the Legacy has opened an auxillary guild/training hall in Stormwind as a base of operations, from which it will be recruiting and training aggressively both in preparation and as the offensive continues. There is a lot of potential there for lower level characters to interact with higher ones, and we have a number of exciting events coming up soon that we know new members will want to be a part of.

If you think you've got what it takes or have any questions, contact an officer or one of our recruiting sergeants (listed below). You're also welcome to visit our forums ( and leave an application in the Recruiting forum. We'll be in touch!

Kathrynne -- Guildmaster of Silver Legacy

SL Officers: Matora, Nayuki, Rhemania
Recruiting Sergeants: Anwynn, Karwyn, Kindrie, Saminae, Sylverit