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10-25-2007, 03:50 AM
After 8 years of EQ think its time to call it quits. Haveing a bit of trouble finding my class though. I have narrowed it down to Druid and Hunter and Shammy is kinda still up in the air. Hunter seems like Ranger/BL combo which were my 2 mains in EQ. Also played a Druid and Shammy but from reading stuff they are nothing alike compared to EQ versions.

I plan on going Horde since I spent 1 week on Alliance and I hated gnomes in EQ and I found out I still hate them here but even more. I was wondering which one would level fastest solo since I won't know anyone. I will prob take up skinning/herbalism to make money but once I hit 70 which will farm better? I know druids can shift out to drop HoTs but Hunters can just stand back and let pet tank then bandage him afterwards.

Dunno if server matters but I plan on going to Zul'jin since they seem to have a pretty equal ratio of Horde:Alliance unlike most servers that are like 7 alliance to every horde. Also guessing this is the same as the EQ site since I know I wasnt playing WoW in 2005 lol.

10-25-2007, 09:19 AM
I have a lvl 70 hunter and am currently only lvl 51 with my Druid.

Playing a hunter is a blast. And probably one of (if not the) easiest classes to level. There isn't too many non-dungeon quests that can't be handled solo. They are a bit weak in Areans (thought the 2.3 patch may help a bit), and OK in world PvP and battle grounds. For end game PvE (5-man, 10-man, 25-man instances/RAIDS) they are one of the top DPS (damage) classes in the game.

That said, there are already so many DPS classes in the game. So, if end-game PvE is what you want to do, it can be difficult to find a group to play with. Plus, most gold farmer, idiots and dumb asses play (or are at least attracted to) hunters. Which means you have to deal with huntard stigma. I have played with those types of hunters and I can completely understand why so many folks avoid hunters in their groups. But if you find a good small group of friends to play with, this isn't typically an issue.

This is why I'm currently leveling a Druid. With a druid, I have good PvP skill (I don't PvP, but I'm told we do). And at end-game I can play a tank, healer or a DPS class in some cases just by switching gear. The downside is that leveling a Druid is (IMO) nowhere near as fun as leveling a Hunter. Until you get cat form at lvl 20, it is down right painful.

But, when the next patch (2.3) is released (probably within the next month or so) Blizzard is changing the XP gained from quests and reducing the XP required to gain levels (20-60). So, the leveling process will be much faster and easier with any class than it is today (or has been in the past).

I have leveled a bit with a Shammy, but frankly know almost nothing about them. I do know they can be healers, DPS'r and in some cases tanks. And, I think they are quite good in PvP, but that's all just 3rd hand information.

Skinning and Herbalism are great choices for professions. Mining isn't too bad in place of Herbalism. It is probably a bigger money maker than Herbalism, but not by much. If you play a Druid, don't take mining as you can't mine "in form", but you can gather herbs and skin "in form".

PS. If you end up playing a hunter, you must visit It is the best hunter forum on the 'net. Great folks. Great information. No idiots.

10-25-2007, 10:50 AM
If the classes you want to play are avilable, for race I recommend going Tauren. The most over-powered PVP racial along with the most powerful PVE racial make them no-brainers.

10-25-2007, 11:01 AM
tlbj covered just about everything I'd have gone over. Personally, I'd take mining & herbalism. While it is 2 tracking professions, they both generate a very decent income.

I have a shaman, druid & mage currently at 70 and have also played a 70 priest.

The shaman is a fun class ( mine is currently restoration ) with chain heal just making things almost too easy ( here's a silly little vid I put together when headless horseman first came out - it shows a shaman, druid in cat, pally tank, dps warrior and rogue ). I leveled enhancement and it was quite enjoyable. I'm not a HUGE fan of casters, thus my mage is kind of neglected ( which I found out after hitting 70 XD ).

10-26-2007, 04:55 AM
Hallo Dabrix and welcome to our durid grove :>

I have played a hunter in far endgame and I also play a druid in endgame now.

Hunter is one of the easiest classes to level up with, but they often struggle to get groups.

Druids are easy/moderate to level. You will find it much easier to get a group as a druid, especially if you are willing/able to tank or heal. Druids are difficult to play well as very often they require the player to consider all factors at once - which mobs are loose and need tanking, who needs a heal, who is out of mana, which mob needs to die next, etc etc.

For me, the main attraction of hunters is the pet (novelty), and the fact that you are ranged. Hunters can also get boring, though, as in endgame you usually find yourself standing at a distance from the action, endlessly repeating the same dps cycle.

For me, the main attraction of druids is the different forms they can shapeshift into (novelty), and the fact that an appropriately specced druid with many different types of armour can change role between every fight. Usually on a raid I will spend some of the time tanking, some time healing, and some time dps'ing. After each fight I can swap gear to enable me to carry out a different role. That variety is what maintains my interest in the druid class so well.

I would recommend hunter over druid if this is your first time playing the game, however I see you have previous MMORPG experience with Everquest so perhaps that will make up for the shortcomings in your knowledge of Warcraft's game mechanics.

If you do decide to become a soft and fuzzy durid, we will all be here to halp you on your adventures :>


10-26-2007, 09:45 AM
I would recommend hunter over druid if this is your first time playing the game, however I see you have previous MMORPG experience with Everquest so perhaps that will make up for the shortcomings in your knowledge of Warcraft's game mechanics.After leveling a hunter and now a Druid, I would never recommend a hunter to a new player (unless I think they'll quit in 2 months). I love my hunter and wish I could play it every day, but there are too many non-game mechanic negatives that make it less desirable at end-game (namely finding groups). Also, leveling a hunter is (IMO) so much fun, exciting and easy that if/when you level another class you always wish you were playing your hunter again.

So, tough it out with a Druid and/or Shammy. And have a great time.

10-26-2007, 10:44 AM
Fast solo'ing would be best to roll a hunter.

You are right in that druids and shamans are nothing like EQ's version. They aren't bad classes though, just different than what you're use to. I started a rogue in WoW on release, got him to 60 and then got bored. I rerolled a Druid on another server and been playing her ever since as my main. I like playing a druid; they are quite the versatile class. They can be nukers, tanks, dps or healers. Shamans are similar, sans the tank piece.