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10-26-2007, 01:50 PM
Last night we also decided to do SCC and see how we would do.

On one of the trash mobs. which had a couple of warrior slave masters and their minions and a couple of sorceros (sp) The sorcerous were sheeped and the soldiers tanked. We had two protec warrior's and two bear tanks.

One bear OT'd a soldier and the warrior's tanked them. They asked me to tank the 5 minions coming from all over. It seemed crazy. I was running around trying to lacerate or mangle them to get their aggro. Now they seemed to be east to go down when DPS was on them. But from a tank's point of view I do not think this was the effective way to use me. I may be wrong. What do you all think? This happened in Kara too. The pull with the elemental and the mana warms before Curator. Leader wanted me to tank the 5 or so mana worms while he tanked the elemental.

Please give me some thoughts and feed back. It just seemed very in efficient to try and have me running all over to gain these mob's aggro when they seem to do minimal damage, go down easy and the in the mana worms case the mana is returned.

WOuld love your feed back thanks.


10-27-2007, 12:08 PM
Yeah those worms don't really need to be tanked, but you can always stun one or so, and charge another and then just dps a 3rd. Just do what your raid leader wants you to imho :>


10-31-2007, 04:19 AM
The Worms don't really need to be tanked. They randomly target people, anyway.

The mobs in SSC, though, can rip a clothie up if left untanked. Though, we've done it by just using Frost Nova, or burning them down quickly. Usually, we stick someone on them just as relief, if we have extra.

There's a very simple way to round them up, to be honest. Assuming your raid goes in as follows: Tanks run up to grab their mobs, melee goes with them, and ranged/healers stay back in a general area...

Just stand right in the healers, don't even bother going to grab the mobs. Wait until the workers run to the healers, as they'll all go to the same one, usually, and then just swipe for starter threat, mangle/growl the last, and just build threat on all four. Pretty simple. It's not entirely effective as a tank, but if the other tanks were assigned, and you can potentially ease a clothie's life, then eh. The clothies will love you, in any event.