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10-31-2007, 08:51 AM
Hi All,

I play WoW VERY casually. Typically, I'll instance with my RL friends once a week for a few dedicated hours of WoW. The rest of the time, I might go on for 20 mins or half hour to do some Qs, get some gold, chat with some mates.... you get the picture! In this fashion I've levelled as a soloist to 70 - and it's suited me well even though it's taken me ages. However, looking at my quest log last night - I've 13/21 group (Elite) quests and the remainder are all dungeon quests. Basically I seem to have gone as far down the quest chains as I can as a soloist. So I'm wondering is it possible to play level 70 solo as a casual player? I'm not that interested in PvP but I do like doing quests.

Are there any other 70 soloists out there? Does anyone have any ideas of where I can go from here?



10-31-2007, 09:16 AM
It's hard to accomplish something in WoW, especially PvE-wise imo if you can't dedicate a bit of time. Imo, you can't just log on for 10-20 minutes to do some of the group quests. I'm sure there are other ways to enjoy WoW (like alts) but yea, WoW does take at least 30minutes to do something in.

10-31-2007, 10:24 AM
It is not the quest itself so much, but finding groups that takes so damn long. That said, the best solo activity in the game is PvP. I hate PvP so you probably would never catch me doing it.

You could become some sort of super farmer? See how much money you can make the game? Give the money to friends? What are your professions?

10-31-2007, 10:54 AM
There are a few daily quests out there you can work on, but one set of them requires a few 5 man quests to complete. Like what was said earlier, you really can't get anything anymore in the 70 game without at least some research and extra time. I'd check out the Orgi'la daily requirement (5 man quests) and get those done when you play with your RL friends. It'll at least open up some quests you can run every day (however, they will take ~1hr to complete them all).

Other than that, PvP is the only other daily route you can go if you're out of quests. PvP at least would yield some gear. Dailies only yield gold.

Speaking of dailies, you could work on getting your epic mount, then run the Netherwing Daily series. That's another goal you can try for.

I wouldn't say there "a lot" to do at 70, but there is definitely enough to do with a little bit of research and planning.

10-31-2007, 06:13 PM
You could become some sort of super farmer? See how much money you can make the game? Give the money to friends? What are your professions?

As mentioned above, do the dailies in Ogri'la until you have 5k gold then do the Netherwing dailies (both will require a little grouping). I'm a skinner, and there's more leather out there than you have bag space for. Just follow someone around who auto-loots and skin what they kill. Hock it on the AH and you'll be rich in no time.

Also, if you herb, you can cruise around in swift flight form and loot herb nodes for tons of gold. It's a popular misconception that you can't herb or skin in flight form; you can, but you have to be all the way on the ground.

I don't mine on the druid, but I would imagine it would also be very profitable with swift flight form.

11-01-2007, 08:52 AM
Thank you for the ideas folks,

My RL friends have offered to help me whittle down the group Qs in my log - so that's something! I'm a herbalist and Alchemist, so yes, I could do some farming - I know that herbs can go for a packet on the AH.

Thanks again