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11-01-2007, 12:03 PM
Ok. So I have this urge to level a resto druid just for the fun of it, and have decided the best way to do it would be running instances all the time. This helps both ways because I find instances extremely fun, and I get a bit more xp and some nice loot too.

Now I know, as a resto druid in the making, I need to stock up on stam, int, and spirit for now at the lower levels, but I can't seem to find any good leather pieces at lower levels. Should I simply search harder and stick with leather, or should I try out some cloth (lol at cloth on male tauren)? I'll become quite a bit squishier, but of course, it'll be easier to find lots of int/spir/stam/etc., and I have a good guild right now I can run with, and most of the current low level pallys/warriors/ferals can tank rather well, so I won't be getting hit on quite so much.

Anyways, just wondering what you guys think. And just so you know, I'm intending this character to be my "fun" character. I don't care how long it takes for me to get to 70, really. I just wanna unwind and have fun after grinding on my main all day. :P

11-01-2007, 12:13 PM
There are a lot updates to old world loot druids coming in the next patch, most of them hitting lower/mid level instances. Maybe that'll help.

As for green gear, look for of the ox, eagle and and I forget the other one. Basically int/sta, int/spir, spir/stam. Just mix and match to suit your needs. You'll have a really hard time finding gear with all three stats simply because there just isn't much, if any, green armor that'll have all three.

Leveling a restro druid isn't bad. The only problem you'll run into is your reliance on others in order to complete things. Leveling a restro druid is like leveling a holy priest. You can sure heal, but you can't kill worth crap (especially later on).

Constant instant runs might burn you out: watch out for that.

Other that that, good luck to you! Feel free to post any questions.

11-01-2007, 12:41 PM
Of the Eagle and of the Owl.

Leveling resto is rough. While instances will net you a lot of XP, you miss out on a lot of cash, and random drops while questing.

I'd suggest you go feral until 58 or so, then go resto to level in Outlands where groups for instances are much more available.

11-01-2007, 01:19 PM
I agree with Big9erFan ... I leveled my druid from 1 - 66 as resto and it was frustrating with all the pugs I had to deal with for instances.

I did start another druid and currently leveling as feral. Everything is much easier and being in a pvp server I don't get killed as often.

11-01-2007, 03:43 PM
I levelled pretty much solo as resto - I think that patience is a good personal quality to have if you want to try it!

Someone asked me once "You're resto? How do you kill mobs?" Answer: "slowly!" The biggest problem I had was that killing mobs took so long that they may well have respawned before I had time to accomplish the aim of the quest - sometimes it felt like I was killing the same mobs 3-4 times! It was also funny seeing other players trying to work out my spec - I was once asked "Are you Balance or Feral?" Hehe... resto wasn't even given as an option!!

One thing a resto druid can do particularly well though is to heal up and run away if needed!!

I personally collected DPS and healing gear - tanking gear wasn't worth it for me. My RL mate made me some nice leather healing gear but I'm sorry I cant remember the name of it - but it may be worth asking your leatherworking guildies if they can make you anything (if you're not a leatherworker yourself).

Anyway, if you want a different challenge, and have the patience for it then enjoy your levelling :biggrin:

All the best


11-01-2007, 04:05 PM
Yup, I as well leveled Full Resto up to 70!

It was a pain sometimes...but once you hit about 50'ish...just build up a nice DPS suit and you should be ok.

And if you're fighting mobs your level or one lower, you can go bear and Swipe the night away pretty well.

As long as you get a "grinding suit", you should be ok even specc'd Resto.

11-01-2007, 09:17 PM
Ok. Cool. Thanks for the tips guys? Any particular build I should be working towards?
Right now I'm looking at:

Pretty much just filling out Resto completely except for Imp MotW and Natural Shapeshifter and taking up one point in Nature's Grasp.

11-01-2007, 09:27 PM
Yeah that is pretty much the best Resto build.

But I'd take Imp MotW instead of Furor. If you are going full Resto, you will mainly be in groups, and there the better buff is more useful.

11-01-2007, 09:54 PM
Leveling resto is all about being viable for group runs during the leveling process. Solo play will not be as fast and if you decide to level resto, I'd suggest playing a root+nuke playstyle (especially since 1/3 of +heal will be +dmg too next patch)