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11-09-2007, 09:58 AM
My pre-teen daughter loves WoW and has several chars (all under 30). She pretty much dabbles. Couldn't care less really about stats or gear, she just likes to play.

We have only one computer, so, obviously we don't get to play together. But, I've considered getting her a computer, not simply for WoW, but schoolwork as well. Although, let's face it....I'd love to be able to level with her. Having two players in the same home MUST be so fun.

HOWEVER, WoW is insanely addicting (to say the least), and I'm afraid of subjecting my daughter, who really does have a social life outside of WoW, to endless days in front of her computer playing a game.

Mind you, my daughter is hilarious in the sense that she absolutely refuses to allow me to mention WoW in front of her friends. She's a "closet" player. She's terrified of being "outed" as a geek. So, maybe I've nothing to be afraid of. :biggrin:

I have several young teen guildmates who are constantly online, and I wonder (as a parent) if they actually have lives outside their computer room. A part of me actually feels bad for them, although they could be quite content.

Anyone else out there have kids with their own WoW accts? How's it been for them?

11-09-2007, 10:38 AM
I also have a daughter that plays and her characters are below 30. My wife, who also plays, and I have established priorities for everyone. There are rules that before we play things have to done in the house, homeworks need to be completed and pretty much anything outside of WoW needs to be done before playing.

Also in game there are rules she is not allowed to communicate outside of the family guild. We do have a separate account so we get to play together which makes things easier to control when she is being bugged by other players.

Her friends knows that she plays and love to talk about the game but when her friends are around she doesnt get on to play.

11-09-2007, 11:32 AM
The WoW website will allow you to set Parental Controls which will enforce certain amounts of restrictions. It has the day broken down into 30 minute blocks and you can enable or disable the account from being played at certain times.

I believe there's also a setting for voice chat. Call me over protective, but I probably wouldn't want my pre-teen hearing some of the people I have run into >.<

11-09-2007, 11:54 AM
I believe there's also a setting for voice chat. Call me over protective, but I probably wouldn't want my pre-teen hearing some of the people I have run into >.<


Come to think about it though, I've never really run into any Major Armpits on my server - not to say they're not out there.....

11-09-2007, 08:23 PM
Although I don't have any kids, I have a younger brother who is also within the pre-teen age group. We used to just share accounts but after a while I got him setup with his own account (he has his own computer that he shares with our mother).

I leveled one of my alts with him and it was so much fun, especially since we can talk to each other while playing but after a while he grew tired of the game and now plays a couple hours a week. He's not really addicted but still enjoys the game.

If you're really worried I'd try it out but see how it goes. If it's getting a bit out of control you could set Parental Controls to control her play time or if it is really bad, just cancel her account and play together but it's always your decision.

glhf ;D