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12-19-2007, 04:06 PM
Prior to reaching lvl 70, what stat should I favor on my tanking gear? +sta? armor?

Right now at lvl 65 I have ~10.5K armor and ~8K health with what I call my "bear" gear. If I move a few pieces around I can get a bit more +sta at the cost of armor. I don't recall my defense and/or dodge at this time. Though I think I have a small bit of +def on my bear gear (4-8 points).

Any thoughts?

12-19-2007, 04:39 PM
While you're headed to 70, you'll want to run instances with the goals in mind of the triad:

Stamina, Armor and Crittability. With this in mind, also focus on what will give you these. There isn't really a lot on the road to 70. There's the 400+ armor chest peice from Hellfire. There's some nice stamina/agility peices spread around. +defense items are nearly non-existant (exceptions like the tanking ring from the first boss of normal Old Hillsbrad being a notable exception).

On your way to 70, focus on things that'll still help you at 70. leveling should be fast and the instances along the way not much more than speedbumps. When you hit 70, like all good feral druids, you'll probably get the heavy clefthoof set made (chest, legs, boots).

While on your way to 70, getting the "helm of the exorcist" from the spirit shard turn in in Terrokar is good (meta gem slot!). Tanking rings from Old Hillsbrad. Pick up any cloak you find, prioritizing Stamina > Armor > Defense > Agility > else. When you hit 70, you have several options, so just get what you can along the way. When you get to 70, you should be able to get the faction-based tanking neck from CE faction. There's only a few good shoulders through the game until you get into raid instances, so pick up what you can find. Bracers, belt, gloves can all be supplied by pvping or questing in shadowmoon valley, so just grab what you can along the way, remembering that stamina > armor > agility > rest. Trinkets are basically whatever you can find. It's extremely slim pickings before 70, so find anything with dodge/defense/stamina that you come across.

12-20-2007, 10:17 AM
So, losing (in bear form) 200-300 armor to gain 200-300 more health, is a wise move?

For lvl 70 gear....
I have all my mats in the bank for the Heavy Clefthoof set and Stylin' purple hat. Bought some shoulders (dreamers something) and a neck (don't remember). I'm already using the Braxxis staff (15g).

Found this great, pre-Kara Tank list ( I've been using it as a guide ( list).

12-20-2007, 01:28 PM
Yes, that looks like a good website. I agree with most of what he's got there.

And yes, trading 1 to 1 armor (in bear form) to health is a good gain IMO.