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01-07-2008, 09:47 AM
Hey everyone, i'm new to 70 and working on a good PVP build for BG's and eventually arena's. I think natures swiftness is definitely better than Treants (correct me if i'm wrong?) so i came up with the following spec:


However after some playing and thought, i have tweaked the spec a little to counter some of the weaknesses i found (namely running out of mana and having my hots dispelled).


As you can see, i lost Natures Grasp (which was GREAT for keeping pesky melee off me), and i'm not sure how good that spell is really, so i'm kind of hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has done some pvp with a spec similar to this. I do come out of boomkin to heal when the situation calls for it, its a very hybrid build and that is why i'm asking for help.

Thanks in advance!

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01-07-2008, 05:40 PM
I'm not as familiar with the Balance/Resto PvP spec, but I can say many druids chose to go Balance/Resto as a healing spec, mainly, and they use the Kodohide set, as it gives you a lot of +healing and good +damage.

If you choose to heal, you'd heal, basically, just like a standard 8/11/42 druid, using HoTs, only you wouldn't have Swiftmend (which some people consider crutches, anyway. I personally like it).

The other difference is you can now do some damage, and have much better mana regen. So, when doing arena, you can turn your team into a double or triple DPS if needed, or you can continue healing, while having Moonkin for armor while CCing against melee.

If healing isn't your game, I'm not sure what a good balance PvP spec is. All I know of is the balance/resto spec for healing, and even that I'm not familiar with. If I were doing balance/resto solely for healing, with an offside of DPS, I'd do something like:

Maybe take a point out of Subtlety and Imp. Rejuv for Nature's Focus, due to the lack of Swiftmend. Celestial focus might be better than moonglow, if the spec is focused on Damage.

Again, take my words with a grain of salt. Never tried the spec, and I'd be using it for healing, not damage.

01-08-2008, 01:13 PM
Thanks for all the tips. Basically i'm going to do both damage and healing, depending on the situation. If there is a need for heals, i'll toss em out, and if we need damage/cc, well then i have moonkin form. I settled on a spec finally last night, its as follows:

01-08-2008, 06:27 PM
Personally, I might be tempted to swap 3 points into Natural Shapeshifter from Nature's Focus. I don't know if you'd use bear or cat often, but it'd help for travel form. Not to mention, bear/cat makes you immune to mana drain, and you can use bash, maim, demo roar, and pounce.

Also, I'd consider furor for that reason as well; so when you -do- need to go to forms, if ever, you have something to work with. In arena, that stats difference on iMotW wouldn't make that much of an advantage, and not to mention... I can think of -few- times when I left arena with Mark of the Wild still on.

I also wouldn't get Omen of Clarity if you don't plan on being in feral forms--and even then, it's just not worth the point for the build.

But that's me nit picking, just making suggestions to potentially maximize your performance; take it as you will. It seems good, otherwise, for what you intend. Good luck with it.

01-10-2008, 10:34 AM
So after doing some arena's and more premade bg's (serious teams this time, with some premade vs premade) and some good old fashioned world pvp, i decided that resto/balance is definitely the way to go. Natures swiftness, as great as it is, isnt good enough to keep myself/my target up under focus fire.
With that said, i'm still looking to do some damage, so i have tried out the following:

After doing some 2v2's with a disc/shadow priest.....i fell in love, and i guess i'm just looking for comments on the spec, and tweaking if necessary. I've always been a huge fan of spec tweaking right down to the last talent point, and with my warlock was an avid theorycrafter, so i'm trying to get into it with the druid now. Anyways thanks for all the help :)