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01-11-2008, 02:49 AM
So I just got Tranquility, and love being an instance healer, and PvP healer. And before I go experimenting with this spell, any advice on it?

My usual healing chain in instances and PvP centers around my HoTs. HT just takes so long it's easy to interrupt, and a big spike at the wrong time, makes me blow a maple seed instead :p

I've heard it's very high agro.. I've healed with a shaman, and have seen some of that with Chain Healing.. when you blast 3 people full of health at once, it does draw attention. I'm assuming this will be worse for agro?

As far as PVP being that it's channeled, and once people find out I'm a healing druid, I'm their main focus.. so I'm guessing it's not that great?

I honestly haven't used the spell at all yet.. is it like mages blizzard? You get the big green ring, place it, and channel. If so I guess you could strategically place yourself in WSG, some places in AB, and heal your party that way.. but it'd be tough and take some set up.

01-11-2008, 05:08 AM
Tranquility is a very nice tool. One that you do not use very often, but at that occasions it is a lifesaver.
Because it is channeled, always use it in conjunction with Barkskin.

How it works: it is not like an AoE where you can select the target area with the big green ring. It is more like Arcane Explosion, i.e. centered on you. It heals all party members within range (and only party members).
In PvP you are rarely close to people from your group, so it is not that useful. But in the Arena it can really ruin your opponents' day. Yes you become the focus pretty quickly, but unless you get CC'd or you eat a spell interrupt, the Barkskin you hopefully casted will allow you to get through most of it.

Regarding aggro: Yes it creates *a lot* of threat. But if you are going for Resto you have enough points left to put 2 into Improved Tranquility, and then it will create no threat at all.
Even if you have not skilled it, in boss fights and mob groups that you have been fighting for a while, the threat usually is not a problem.

01-11-2008, 05:56 AM
Best spell ever!
This spell is almost everytime a part of an heroic-druid story where we save the day!! :-D

01-12-2008, 02:43 PM
I rarely use this spell tbh. I've found a couple uses in PvP/Arena but even less in instance groups.

First of all, it's a definite mana sink if you're not getting at least a big chunk of healing out of it (like never use it to top off 2 people for sure...maybe not even 3.)

In arena (particularly 5s), it's nice to use with the help of pillars and just shout out in vent or whatever "I'm popping tranq stay close" but sadly it's usually not enough to counter burst dmg on a single target so I don't use it too often.

With the meta gem that does half-spellcast...also affects tranq (so cuts the channeled time in half) so with that buff...I'm guessing tranq would be 2x more amazing but I haven't seen it happen (since I don't use that gem) but I'd probably be more inclined to use it with the half spellcast buff I think.

Btw, barksin is also good to pop before it.

01-14-2008, 06:53 AM
S3rgio hit the nail on the head - this spell is one of my big reasons for loving my druid so much. It really does have the power to turn a battle around completely.

Basically, when you use it, you stand there shining for 8 seconds whilst healing your group for loads. Like, really loads - this isn't some pussy healing over time, it's like spamming healing touches at 5 people all at once.

Abies also noted barkskin.

The order to use the spells is:
1. Use barkskin.
2. Use tranquility

You cast them one after the other. Then, if a mob aggroes you during the tranquility, the barkskin prevents you from losing casting time.