View Full Forums : Too much mitigation, not enought DPS/threat?

02-20-2008, 03:18 PM
I'm just a noob tank. I have followed this guide ( to obtain all of my tanking gear (sorry I don't usually log off in my tanking gear). I have everything on the list that can be purchased and/or obtained from quests (except for the gloves). And 3-4 pieces have been fully enchanted. I don't have my Earthwarden yet (18K rep to go!!). I hope to buy S2 or S3 gloves next Tuesday to round out my "starter" tanking set.

Last night I was running a few tests (my buddies don't play on Tuesday so I use it to play with addons and do stupid stuff) to see how much damage my various tanking attacks do. They all seemed fairly week. Even when I looked at the threat each generated.

At that point, I noticed my AP is only 999 in bear form! But I have 19.6K armor, 14.4K health, 24%(?) dodge and 22%(?) crit. At this time I don't plan on tackling anything harder than lvl 60-70 5-mans, as along as I continue being uncritable, does it make sense to loose some armor, health, dodge and pick-up some more AP? Ex. If I swap out my Braxxis for my Kitty staff, I lose 3K armor and a little sta, but I pick-up a bit more dodge and gain 300 AP.

So, is 16.6K armor, 14.1K health, 26% dodge good enough for 5-mans. Even lvl 70 5-mans?

PS. I'll try to remember to log off in my tanking set tonight so we can see all of the "numbers".

02-20-2008, 04:18 PM
My AP in Bear form is somewhere around 1000 so that's not a problem I don't think.

As long as you have all the "typical" talents, you should have no problem generating threat.

Try finding some gear with +hit and see how that works.

The Wastewalker Gloves are a good way to do this.

02-22-2008, 06:10 AM
Your AP will be low with the braxxis slumber staff, but this will change dramatically when you get earthwarden.

In the mean time, try to rely more heavily on Lacerate to generate aggro, and use Mangle and especially Maul less frequently. The reason for this is Lacerate always does the same amount of damage/threat, regardless of your attack power.*

-Annikk (*technically this is a simplification, certain idols alter lacerate a bit...)