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02-27-2008, 02:40 PM

I am off tankin in Kara and starting to do Herorics. I am looking for Idea's for Improving my set up for tankin. I Know I need a Couple Enchants which I am trying figure out the best for what I do.'zhul&n=Mubar

Thanks for any suggestions


02-27-2008, 02:50 PM
Ok here we go.

The following is the opinion of Kauroth, and does not reflect the opinions and views of The Druid Grove community as a whole.


First off, drop 20 Defense Rating.

You're over the Crit-Cap and can stand to lose 20 Rating to get to 415 Defense.

Next, get rid of the +8 Dodge Gems in your belt and replace them with either +12 Stamina or +8 Agility. You'll get more out of them.

Only pieces of gear I think you "should" replace are:

Helm: Get the Stylin Purple Hat.
Cloak: Get 35 Badges and get Silkk's.
Belt: Try for Tree-Menders from Heroic Ramparts.
Weapon: Earthwarden!

If you get Earthwarden you can replace a bunch of your gems as you'll be close to 40 Defense Rating above the crit cap, allowing you to replace your Defense Gems with Agility or Stamina (depending on what you're lacking)

Other than that, your gear looks mighty fine.