View Full Forums : healing as feral? (also, possibly respeccing)

03-11-2008, 11:46 AM
Although once I finally hit 70 I intend to be resto, I am lvl 63 and levelling as feral for now. I've never yet healed an instance. I did cobble together a full healing set - some quest rewards, the rest whatever was cheap at the AH. shows it now, 5922 mana, 446 +heal, 209 spirit. No MP5 to speak of.

Now, will this be enough to heal the lower Outlands dungeons? Or will I promptly go OOM and wipe the group ... that's what I really don't want to have happen.

Yesterday had me thinking of respeccing again. I knocked out five quests and got a measly one and a half bubbles on ye olde XP bar for my troubles.* Really thinking instance grinding would be a whole lot faster ... this 60-70 slog has got me down I tell ya. So - what would be your learned opinion on going to either full resto and instancing my way to 70, or going dreamstate and instance/solo? (and how much spelldamage should I be looking at to make that work?)

also: hi, first post :wavey:

*in all fairness, none of them really required me to kill much of anything. However even solo grinding seems a lot quicker than questing, in Outlands.

03-11-2008, 01:03 PM
I think you'll get different answers due to opinion differences. I myself have 4x 70's and a druid at 68 as of last night. And I am a firm believer in just questing it out. Especially in outlands where your questing zone is determined by your level. ie. 58-61 HP / 61-63 ZANG / 63-65 TF / 65-67 NAG / 67+ BEM+

However, some people prefer to just grind it out.
Some people are just lucky enough to have someone there to level with them until 70 that can dps, if you have that option you can just go resto and not have to worry about looking for a PuG everytime you want to gain xp.

However, if you want to instance it out and be main healer, although those stats are decent and with the right group could end up fine but once you get done with the lower level HC ones, youll either want to respec or just go as dps.

03-11-2008, 01:29 PM
You should do every quest in HFP, ZM, TF and Nagrand. The quest rewards alone give you a solid set of gear for just about anything you'll need at lvl 70.

Doing quests and maybe 2-4 instance runs, I hit lvl 70 after completing maybe 1/3 of the quests in BEM both of my characters. As such, I was typically ahead of the zone's lvl range. Which makes doing quest so much easier as the mobs drop very quick, allowing you to complete several in one session.

Get the addons lightheaded, tomtom and doublewide. They make questing quite a bit easier.

As to your original question, I main healed the first 4 instances as a feral once I was ~64-67 with gear a bit lower than what you have listed. You just have drink quite often since your mana pool is so small.