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03-21-2008, 04:18 PM
hey all just wondered

whats the best way to take down a warrior (arms spec)

i have a mate that is pestering me to duel him but i want to completely wipe the floor with him :)

so if any of you guys can help me

well that would be just grand!!!

03-24-2008, 11:29 AM
Start out stealthed in cat, I would open with pounce/mangle/shred/rip. Then get in bear asap and whittle him down. If it starts to look sketchy, use nature's grasp for some separation and cyclone him before healing up. Be sure and have a couple HoTs on you before re-engaging. Unless there is a huge gear differential, he should be dead and you should be at full health.

03-25-2008, 12:23 AM
yeah early DoT, bear form. Save bash for when u need to throw HoTs on or cyclone rejuv/HT.

maul, mangle, laceratex2,maul, mangle....

Don't forget FF and Demo-roar. Get distance and Feral charge. If you have a chance even a Regen back to bear form asap can help - Set up a macro.

03-28-2008, 02:58 PM
Arms warriors aren't anything to be feared in PvP. If he were a 2h Skillhearld MS warrior, you'd have a harder time between the mace stuns and MS debuff.

As everyone has already mentioned, start in cat, get 5cp's as fast as you can (Pounce -> Mangle -> Shred-> Rake -> Rip). You should be able to get off the Rip just as he is coming out of stun, at which time you jump straight into bear. Keep up Demo Roar and FFF, and make sure to keep Mangle debuff up (increases your bleed DoT dmg). Between your DoT and physical bear damage with FFF up, He'll be losing health pretty quickly, and you should be mitigating a lot of his dmg with your ridiculous armor. If you get low, or just feel like toying with him, throw a bash, back up and root, HoT yourself, (throw a MF or Wrath if you want :P ) then back to bear to finish him off. If he resists a bash, pop NG. If you get desparate, try to run away from him and feral charge, which will lock him in place long enough for you to get a Cyclone / Root off without getting lolpummled.

As Falloraan said, you should finish the fight near 100% health and around 50 - 75% mana.

Pretty much the same thing for MS warriors, though you will need to pay more attention to the MS debuff if you need to heal yourself, and wait to bash until the debuff is close to wearing off so that your heals actually do something.

And never get hit in caster.

04-01-2008, 08:00 PM
And never get hit in caster.

worth repeating.

Remember that he might have the PvP trinket as well though, so if you feral charge, then cyclone/root and try to heal, that is when he will use his trinket to intercept you and then he will have 3 seconds to have his way with you, probably with a full rage bar as well which might just be your undoing.

If this does happen, use your trinket immediatly to get out of the stun and get back into bear. If you don't have a trinket, or it is on cooldown for some reason, hit barkskin and hope for the best.

04-02-2008, 02:03 PM
As everyone has already mentioned, start in cat, get 5cp's as fast as you can (Pounce -> Mangle -> Shred-> Rake -> Rip). You should be able to get off the Rip just as he is coming out of stun, at which time you jump straight into bear.

I see strats like this often and want to ask if I'm doing something wrong. I have Brutal Impact and so my Pounces last 4 seconds. If I pounce at T -0 I use 50 Energy. Assuming I was full of course, I can then follow up with a Mangle as suggested but then I'm at T -1 with 5 energy. Recovering 20 energy every 2 seconds basically give me 45 energy at exactly T -5. So all in all, I'll have 2-4 combo points based on whether I crit and whether OoC procs. IF I were extremly lucky with crits and OoC I could see 5 cp's and enough energy. But that would be rare. Over the 5 seconds I have from stun to finish, I'll have a total of 140 energy I could use without OoC proccing. And the suggested chain above would require 202 energy with Shredding Attacks and Brutal Impact. That's a 62 energy deficit to account for before Pounce wears off. I would neeed two OoC's to proc.

So unless I'm missing something, I have a hard time implementing these strategies. Am I missing something?

04-02-2008, 02:29 PM
Part of the theory in doing this is timing your pounce so that you will get 20 energy within 1/2 a second or less after your pounce. This can be done with an energy meter. Or if you use something like xperl, its built into the frames.

Yeah a lot of this does assume a few crits and energy procs. Using 2 pieces of Malorne, I get a chance on crits to regain energy as well. So lots of options there really.

04-02-2008, 02:59 PM
Oh wow! I was wondering about that. I just configured Energy Watch last night. So if I watch the 2 sec. energy ticks and time my 50 energy pounce to .5 second before a tick, it will then replenish 20 energy? That's awesome!! I assumed the timer started once I used energy.

I was just thinking too that even after a well timed Pounce > Mangle > Shred I would be down at like 3 energy with a second of stun left. A powershift would leverage Furor for 40 energy which is a Maim or Rip. So with one OoC somewhere I can easily get the Rake in for additional bleed and a 4th or 5th CP.

I'm going to practice my energy timing with Tiger's Fury and then try to put some combo's together on mobs. Thanks for the good suggestions!

04-18-2008, 10:44 AM
honestly speaking from my own experience as a warrior we are pretty gimp fingting solo. Warriors are most powerful when they have support. Without it they can be very vulnerable. With support they are like ****ing he-man. The I'm not gonna tell you how to beat them but I will tell you what I was weak against and what I hated. ROOTS! A warriors worst enemy. People who could keep m stunned and or out of range. Keep a warrior from being able to bandage. That is his ONLY source of survivability. That being said, don't let him rip you face off from up close. However that being said if he has the talent I forget the name that gives him 20 rage for being stunned or rooted and also regens health. Ultimately avoid overpower, and MS as much as possible. Keep him dotted and keep your hots on as much as possible. When he makes you bleed his damage potential increases by something like 6%. Mace warriors suck too cuz they can stun you constantly. Ultimately the less rage he has the less he hurts you. Hope that helps. Don't forget to use your bark skin and keep your armored forms up at all times. Leather = happy time for warrior.

04-28-2008, 06:34 AM
Many warriors have a talent which heals them when they are stunned or incapicated (bash, pounce, maim). Be aware of this when choosing when to CC them.

A druid vs warrior duel with both players at equal gear level can be won simply with FFF, Demoralising Roar, Lacerate x 5, Mangle. You don't even need to leave bear form.


04-28-2008, 02:42 PM
Avoiding overpower is not exactly something that is easy to do, as dodge isn't something you can control. Most warriors will have a 50% chance to crit you when you dodge.

The talent that heals a warrior for 10% of his health and generates 20 rage is called Second Wind. Its deep in the arms tree. Try to avoid maiming warriors for this reason. First 5 cp's should go to a trinketed rip. DoT's wreck warriors. As badge mentioned, warriors are kind of weak solo, unless ridiculously geared. Give them some support though and GG.

04-28-2008, 08:13 PM
5CP Rips sure dod own warriors, but going cat is a ballsy approach. If you mess up and eat a stun or fear you could wind up mincemeat. Perma-bear is a surefire method to kill warriors without risk.