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03-23-2008, 04:37 AM
Hello everyone,

New to WoW and to druids, have a gear question. Specced resto/balance at 40. Love to instance and to heal, but obviously must be able to solo to level from time to time. Put 21 in balance for offense, rest is going into resto.

I've got two sets of caster gear. One that puts me at
+111 healing
+93 spell damage
+11 crit rating
2539 mana
1452 hit points

By switching out some pieces I can have a caster set that puts me at
+41 healing
+33 spell damage
+14 crit rating
3274 mana
1673 hit points

After digging deeper in the forums, I see that conventional wisdom was +heal/+dam>stats prior to the last patch. Is that still the conventional wisdom, and is there a break even calculation somewhere? It seems counter-intuitive to me to reduce my mana pool and my hit points by such large amounts (22% and 13%), but I'm hoping that someone smarter than me has done the math to prove it one way or another.



Edit: updated and clarified

03-23-2008, 09:24 PM
Don't really worry about the stats at this point. Focus on just having enough mana and health to live as you level while stacking +damge.

At 70 you'll need to focus on spell hit till you you have a certain % to avoid resists on boss fights, and then you focus on dmg. Stam, int, etc are just to make sure you don't die or run out of mana too quickly.