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04-13-2008, 06:10 PM
Greetings! I'm recently returned from a long, long WoW hiatus. I've never really had any interest in playing a druid, so this time around the WoW merry-go-round, I decided to give one of the more complicated classes a shot. After a few days, I'm loving it. I've honestly had a ton of fun.

I'm currently only lvl 17 (Only started 2 days ago, give me a break!). A friend reccomended putting the 2nd 5 talent points into furor. Just looking at the talent tree, to mee it seems more beneficial to charge straight down the lolferal tree and pick up feral charge (pvp server!) and on down to HOT CUP o' MANGLES! Is furor really worth it early on? Considering I open with a root/wrath/moonlazor combo and then run on in, I don't really see the point of having rage to start out with, however, my "friends" tell me I'm an idiot.

Bearing in mind that I WILL be piucking up furor later on, should I just trolley on down the feral tree? Or should I actually spend points in furor early on?



04-14-2008, 01:10 AM
Hello and welcome to our druid grove :>

Furor is indeed nice but I think the talents available in the feral tree are too juicy to ignore for levelling.

I'd suggest that you charge down the feral tree until you get to Mangle, and then put your 11 points into furor, naturalist, omen of clarity. After that you can go back and fill in the rest of the stuff you want in feral or put it into wherever. That's how I would say the best way for your talents to evolve would be.


04-14-2008, 12:03 PM
Annikk -

This is pretty much what I determined after taking a closer look at the talent builds last night when I got home. I'll be branching out once i start hitting BG's, but not until I've fleshed out the feral tree. I do want Furor when i start hitting BG's so I have something to work with while form dancing, but I need feral charge for that to work anyway (kittyform DPS, bearcharge the healer, back to kitty for claws-to-his-face).

04-15-2008, 05:53 PM
In all honesty, I actually think furor is such a life saver. I'm 59 and still don't have mangle because I pushed a lot into the resto tree actually. It might not seem like a great but for PvP especially and if you want to use feral charge in a pinch it's great.

Though if you're just power leveling to 70 you might not really worry. I PvP a lot so I needed it, especially against mages (instant feral charge against kiting bastards is great).

But again, this is my first character and I've dallied so long at the end of each bracket, quazi twinking out and playing BGs that I probably think differently. =x Sometimes I think to respec to get mangle but I shift in and out a lot so natural shapeshifter + furor = my friend.

For now though, I mean you really don't *need* furor at level 17 or even until after you get feral charge.

04-16-2008, 09:36 AM
If you are leveling Feral there are a few milestone talents....

Feral Swiftness (walk faster outside in cat form) 2/2 at lvl 21 (
Primal Fury (free combo points on crits == Rip sooner == dead mob == less self healing) at lvl 26 (
FFF (pulls in feral form, great for plucking those mobs out of a fort/building, etc.) at lvl 30 (
Imp Leader of the Pack (self heals == less shifting == less down time) at lvl 42 (
OoC (free attacks!) at lvl 53 (
Mangle (lots-o-damage) at lvl 61 (

Don't bother with Thick Hide until your last 3 levels. It doesn't help all that much in cat form. I took Feral Charge at lvl 62. But on a PvP server, you might want to pick it up sooner (along with Nature's Grasp). I'm on a PvE server and don't PvP so I waited on both of those until much later.

Furor isn't a leveling talent, it is a PvP talent, a "jump start" Bear Tanking talent, and a end-game instance/raid kitty talent (for power-shifting). The only value it provides while leveling is for those handful of quests in which you have to "use" something in order to summon the mob. Use item-->shift to Cat-->claw (or mangle once you get it).

I took Mangle before OoC when I leveled, but looking back I don't think Mangle became a nice attack until I had ~1000AP which doesn't happen until you have quite a bit of Outland gear. So, at lvl 50 (the soonest you could get it), it isn't much better than any other move (claw, shred, etc.). Whereas OoC (and Naturalist which you pick-up on the way to OoC) helps you at any level. You might even want to get OoC after you get FFF, that would be your call. I consider FFF, OoC and Primal Fury the top 3 talents for solo leveling. Followed by Imp LotP and Mangle. I also like Burtal Impact combined with Shredding Attacks an energy bar addon and OoC to get you quit a bit of initial damage on a mob before they even hit you. It is a nice option when you have to take down a tougher mob or 2-3 at once. Pounce-->Shred-->Shred (maybe 2 if OoC procs)-->Rip. But for most single mob encounters, just pull them with FFF and claw (or mangle) them to 4 combo points and then Rip.

Once you get to lvl 70 and have 2K AP and 30% crit solo grinding tactics change a bit (mobs die too fast). But while leveling, pounce->shred-->FFF-->shred (maybe a 3rd shred if OoC procs)-->Claw (mangle)-->Rip or FFF-->Claw (mangle)*4-->Rip are your best options.

If you find yourself using bear often (after getting Cat form) while questing, you are doing something wrong. Bear is for tanking. It doesn't do enough damage to take down a mob fast enough without it killing you first (even though you have more armor and health in bear form). If you get in over your head in cat form, use Dash and run away (towards the closest graveyard :grin:). I used this tactic often on quests where you have to kill a named mob that has 1-2 body guards. Stealth in, pounce-->Shred-->FFF-->Shred....Rip at 4-5 combo points. Dash away from the guards.

04-16-2008, 05:10 PM
Go straight to feral swiftness, then 1 point in NG, and fill out furor, then back to feral. Or go down to OoC (free attack helps a lot with dps, and can = a free big heal if it procs towards the end of a fight). And the 10% increased dmg from naturalist is noticible too.

Without furor, you can't drop into bear and immediatley feral charge, or immediatley bash. You have to wait to generate that rage.

Honestly mangle is rad, but at low ap levels its not as strong as you'd think. Once you get to outlands it gets godly as tlbj mentioned.