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05-05-2008, 02:43 PM
right now Im 69 with enough rest to help push me to 70
currently I have 767 healing. I know I need to get to at least 1k for kara and heroics. I am currently spec'd balanced with healer gear.

So Im now lost.
I know a respec is in my very near future. but should I go for TOL or do a dreamstate build. I still need to grind rep and do dailies for my epic flight.
as Im working on getting my +healing up will rep rewards put me over that magically number to be able to heal kara & etc.
Im really not a big pvp person even tho im on a pvp server. Feral was more fun for pvp than balance.

Any other advice or tip would be great!

Here is my armory

05-05-2008, 03:33 PM
I found Magellan19 post from back in Oct which has alot of the info I need for gearing (wow loot) but that isnt telling me how to get to the level needed to be able to get the really good stuff.

05-07-2008, 04:51 PM

I raised myself Feral, so I had no healing gear whatsoever when I started healing Kara. I ran to the AH and purchased the best +healing green gear I could find (it's really not that expensive). I started healing Kara (full-out Tree of Life) with around +925 healing, with success.

Tree of Life healing is hands down, IMO, the best form of healing a Druid has to offer.....but since you are already Balance and probably already have experience with Balance healing, then you may be interested in trying this spec 34/0/27:

I'm not sure how serious you are about your healing. For example, do you just want to be able to provide ample back-up healing? Or do you want to be considered a Main Healer. It's not the most "ideal" form of healing, but as an experienced Balance player you may absolutely love it. Also switching to full Resto may come as a bit of "shock" when it comes to soloing.

I am a Main Healer, and my guildies have allowed me to try this spec because we pretty much have Kara on farm, but as much fun as this spec is to play, I will be trading in my Boomkin for my Tree again soon. Once a Tree Healer, Always a Tree Healer. ;)

PS: Whatever you do, if you start Kara with this build, make certain that you have 2 other healers with you. Just trust me on that.

05-08-2008, 10:51 AM
Thanks Magellan!
Even tho Im spec'd balance Ive been a healer since 61. When I got LB it became easier. I have +877 heal as a balance healer. As I was getting to 70 last nite I actually left a 5man because they wanted me as dps. I had to run 2 5mans to lvl. (I hate UB)

Ive been thinking about going the AH route to get my gear. I guess I will now =)

As for a spec. Im really torn. I want TOL but I really like the dreamstate spec you have. And Im gonna miss my treants :(

I guess Ill decide later today..
Thanks for the imput.