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05-23-2008, 01:51 PM
I mean this in the best way possible.
y play time is Sun-Tues basically. I started my weekend as Dreamstate. during the day I run 5 mans with another guild. Since they have a new 70 priest my heals were no longer needed. And I started doing dps with them. My DPS was really low. At the moment I had no clear plans on how I was going to get to heroics or kara. So I respecced Full Blown boomkin. Still had some gearing issues, but saw a nice improvement in DPS.
ade a trip to the AH and fix myself up as well as I could.
So Sunday nite Im waddling around Nagrand, and get a pst from an guild officer. "what are your plans for kara" After a lengthy discussion about the chances of being a healer. Kinda slim. He asks if I would or could become an offtank. Im like sure I can but I have no gear or real knowledge to Tank. I kitty dps'd in 5 mans leveling up. So he offers the Heavy Clefthoof set to me. I run a couple of heroics to get some more tanky stuff. Monday I wake up and start farming mats for the Cleft stuff. Blow some more $$ in the AH for feral stuff. nothing amazing just enough to get me back to feral. Monday nite I get asked by the GM if I can help her out with some questing. She is a Resto druid(alt). We get to chatting about stuff and I tell her about the OT tank thing. So I respec to feral. I love kitty form. Tuesday nite is group 2 kara nite. Im still farming my butt off to get the leather I need. After maintaince I get yet another whisper asking if Im doing Kara later. I said I wasnt really ready yet. Then the Bomb is dropped on me. "So could you heal Kara tonight? :rolleyes: I had 1k healing before respec. Just a bit low. Up and back with guild chat and I get some enchants and a few no stat +heals gear. +1157 heals.
90 mins before Kara Im in Thunder Bluff again for respec #3
TOL now :wavey:
We got to Shade when we lost our main tank to mommy aggro.
all in all it worked out well, as a bonus I was able to get all the blue and purple leather drops.
y head is still spinning. But I love my druid!!
I think Im gonna stay as a tree for a few weeks.. or at least I think I am..

05-23-2008, 01:58 PM
happened to me last night, i respecced Boomy to helped a friend level and then we i had to go resto for a Slabs run, and then we where going to do Heroic Slave pens and the druid was resto and obviously had no intention of respeccing so i went ahead and did so so i could dps, and as we're about to begin he disconnects and didn't log back on. So that was essentially 150g spent respeccing in less then 9 hours play time. whole day of dailies...poofed.

05-23-2008, 02:17 PM
I dont consider it much of a pain being able to respec and play a different role in the game. The other night when we were raiding SSC I tanked Hydross during the Nature phase then respecced to heal for the Leo and Lurker fights then respecced again to tank the Shaman for the Karathress fight.

With all the new dailies gold isn't much of an issue anymore. The pain is carrying too many gear sets and not having any open bag slots.

05-23-2008, 02:38 PM
The pain is carrying too many gear sets and not having any open bag slots.


while i've only respec'd three times (the first was a mistake, i was trying to unlearn a proffession while being a complete noob) and one of those was a free respec (i think when BC was released) i have 4 sets of gear currently that i carry at all times:

Tanking gear
Kitty gear
Healing gear
PvP gear

I've thought about respeccing to resto to check it out, and while im curious about boomkin, the need for 5 sets of gear (7 if i plan to PvP with any other spec) doesn't really appeal to me, as i have the maximum slots for all my bags, and only my backpack is available for carrying loot.

and yes, i've already made the mistake of clicking on my itemrack while having my bank open (god it was a nightmare getting everything sorted back out) lol

05-23-2008, 02:38 PM
The pain is carrying too many gear sets and not having any open bag slots.

Yes Thats where my pain was.
Also I am newly 70, So respeccing 3x in 3 days was not normal for me.
Guess its time for me to get closetgnome

05-23-2008, 02:49 PM
We do suffer from identity criseses a lot, don't we? :)