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06-08-2008, 12:15 AM
Jade Ring of the Everliving ( vs. Mender's Heart Ring (


Tears of Heaven ( vs. Voodoo Shaker (

and why? It's true that all anyone seems to look at is my +heal, but those seem some serious stats to sacrifice. How do I decide?



06-08-2008, 08:52 AM
I looted the Jade Ring, last week, only to disenchant it when I saw the difference it would make to my stats compared to the Menders heart ring.

The stats on the menders heart ring give you 180 hp, 315 mana and 7.6 mp5. The spirit on the heart ring gives you 5 extra healing when you are in tree of life form. The jade ring would therefore give you an extra 19 healing and 4.4 mp5, for the loss of hp and mana - I don't think the +healing is worth the loss in other stats.

The same thing applies to the tears of heaven v. voodoo shaker. The voodoo shaker gives you 180hp, 350mana and 10mp5 (and 6 extra healing in ToL form). It's not worth sacrificing all of that for the extra 20 healing (14 in ToL) the tears of heaven would give.

06-09-2008, 09:12 AM
I actually think the bonus healing IS worth the loss in the other stats, because you (typically) don't need any extra health or mana for most raid encounters (whereas a boost in output is always appreciated).

Stats and regen are nice, but I'd stay away from looking too favourably upon them unless they'll make or break an encounter for you. Bonus healing is THE STAT for druids in 2.4 IMO.

I used Jade Ring of the Everliving until I replaced it with my Hyjal ring. In the case of the OH, I'm still using Windcaller's Orb (from CE rep) because I had been saving all of my badges to get the SSO mace ... I'll probably pick up both OHs from badges, but I'm sure Tears will be my main one and I'll swap in the Shaker only when I need the stats.

06-09-2008, 11:39 AM
General consensus of Resto Druids on gear choices seems to be that +heal is the most important stat, gaining importance as you move through progression. This mostly comes from the fact that as you gear up, most of your equipment is going to give you the health, mana, spirit, etc. that you will need. (Read the "Raiding as a Tree" threat at

Rule of thumb: If, after using your innervate and mana pots on every cooldown, you are out of mana during a boss fight, get some more mana regen (with spirit or plain mp5). If you don't go oom during a boss fight, concentrate on +heal.

I used to concentrate stats from gear other than +heal, but I have been working on +heal only lately and I see a big difference in my healing numbers.

06-09-2008, 12:25 PM
When I looted the Jade ring, I vendored my Mender's ring, thinking nothing of it because of Jade's +healing.

I thought about it afterwards, and wished I hadn't done that, so when Shade was kind enough to drop the Mendor's ring for me again, I got it back.

Now I have both rings, and I still haven't made a decision between the two.

I currently use Mender's, because I run new tanks through Kara on a regular basis, and I like the extra Stam.

06-10-2008, 02:37 AM
Jade ring > Mender's for sure.
More +heal and more mp5.
And thats what its all about for druids.

i have the voodoo shaker over the tears because of the stam.
i try to be selfbuffed over 7.5k hp for MH/BT. Thats the only reason.

06-10-2008, 08:56 AM
... aren't you all in the tank group getting Commanding Shout?

06-10-2008, 11:34 AM
Thanks all for the input. I will pick up the Tears as soon as I get the badges, and keep the others in my bag for bg's and arena stuff, which I have just started doing regularly.

I never have mana issues anymore, so I guess I don't need to worry about that at the moment.

On a related subject - I healed a guild Kara run with a Holy priest with about 200 more unbuffed + heals than I have. According to my Recount, he outhealed me 4 million to 3 million hps healed. It is the only time I have ever been outhealed in a 10 man instance, even by people with 400 more heals than I have, and obviously he absolutely crushed me on the meters. It was a full clear, only 1 wipe, 3.5 hours. I kept lb x 3 on both tanks (1 war and 1 bear OT) and patch healed the raid. And, he was watching a movie during the run. So, was I just completely schooled on how to heal by my guildy (which wouldn't surprise me) or is there something else going on? And if I did get schooled, what should I have learned?



06-10-2008, 12:14 PM
Tears? I'd get the Voodoo Shaker. Plenty of +heal and it'll give you a bigger Innervate and more mana to boot. Not to mention STA.

Out healed advice... use WWS to parse your combat log and try to figure it out. Here's a sample of what they look like:

I think things that help me hammer the meter is:

Anticipatory healing. I use a raid frame that shows me not only who is being targeted but who is on the the top of the threatmeter (grid, with appropriate modules). So I can pop heals even before the damage is registered.

Keeping up that LB stack and Rejuv on the MT while popping heals on unused GCDs on other people. Using swiftmend a lot.

Know the fight very well. For instance, in Hex Lord fight in ZA I know the tank is going to be hurting when he turns into a paladin, so I use all my cooldowns and heal like mad.

There is one priest that gives me a run for the money at times but I beat her as often as she beats me. It seems like almost everyone else in the guild, even the shamans doing chain heals, can't keep up.

06-10-2008, 12:22 PM
Ahh, should have said I already have the shaker and both of the rings.

06-12-2008, 02:47 AM
... aren't you all in the tank group getting Commanding Shout?

nope. not every raid. we have at least 2 druids in the raid and only 1 is spottet in the tank-group.

06-12-2008, 09:28 AM
There have been calculations done to show that, for level 70 priests/druids in healing greens and quest blues, your Innervate will more than fill up your mana bar. This was mentioned on Resto4Life.

There is no point in itemizing for Innervate anymore, except for (as also mentioned at Resto4Life) having a high intellect weapon to increase your mana pool so you waste less of the mana given back to you by Innervate.

nope. not every raid. we have at least 2 druids in the raid and only 1 is spottet in the tank-group.

Ah, gotcha. This makes sense. As my guild's only full-time resto druid (sometimes our balance or ferals go resto for a night), I'm always in the tank group ... maybe I take Commanding Shout for granted sometimes, hehe. I usually raid buff to between 10.5k to 11k.

BTW, I was waiting for you to speak up in this thread, s3Rg ... you're the one who originally inspired me to itemize for more heal instead of stats I didn't need. :)

06-12-2008, 10:35 AM
BTW, I was waiting for you to speak up in this thread, s3Rg ... you're the one who originally inspired me to itemize for more heal instead of stats I didn't need. :)

U make me feel special! :shuffle:

I'm getting lazy on my own topic in the last weeks.
As an alchemist the Redeemer's Stone is a must have.
But i just don't take the time to farm the mats needed^^

And about the tank-group-thing: u should try to be in one of our shadow-priest-groups.
It's just spam spam spam ;D

If u are over 10k mana and 9.5k hp raid-buffed, then don't take stats over mp5 or +heal.
I'm running currently MH/BT with 8.2k hp, 9.5k mana, 250 mp5 and 2k +heal self-buffed.
I could get easily to over 9k hp, but there would be a too big loss on the other stats.

The further you progress in raiding, the more one fact playes a role: take normal raid-damage and u wont die with 7k hp, but make a mistake and 12k wont be enough!

A mage in our raid comes to 6.7k hp selfbuffed.
So dont worry about mana,hp.