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07-09-2008, 01:18 AM
whats the best spec for the arena?

Balance / Feral / Resto?

i see alot of balance in BG and they do take a bit of beating

Feral there are lots of all the time plus im ferel spec right now

and resto there alot of in BGs so not sure which is best?

as i have yet to venture into the arenas just wondered how viable each spec is and what your opinions are on each

thanks for any reply in adavance :thumbsup:

07-09-2008, 10:17 AM
Balance and feral, as it currently stands on the live servers, are relatively weak specs for arena. Resto is considered the best spec.

If you want to do arena as feral, I do know that a feral druid and frost mage managed to get to the number 1 spot in 2v2 arena for their battlegroup, and that format seemed to work quite well. Mayhaps find yourself a nice frost mage and have a bash at working together ? :>

As for the specifics of the spec, I would say go for a lot of CC type talents like bash, feral charge, Nature's grasp, etc. I'm really not that experienced when it comes to pvp though so perhaps another druid can answer this question better. :>

Also that's an awesome name for a druid ! :D


07-09-2008, 10:44 AM
The popular opinion in my guild and on my server is that resto is the way to go for arena... I'm Feral right now as well, but i have been asked to go resto for my 3v3 team. It's been my experience in BG's that resto druids are just DAMN hard to kill... sometimes it even takes 2 people to out dps their hots...
That being said, i really like being feral for arena... i like dishing out some pain, and the cc we bring to the table is nothing to be ignored... we have feral charge, bash, maim, cyclone, and taurens have war stomp, so feral isn't exactly gimp either... i've been on a fairly successful 3v3 team with 2 hunters (1 BM and 1 MM) where we've gunned down the other team's healer, then i pop barkskin and tranquility, and dps/ heal for the rest of the fight... i can't count how many fights have ended with all 3 of us being alive and well...

07-09-2008, 01:38 PM
It really depends on what arenas you want to do, and with which partner.

For two's, it depends on who you want to run with. The standard (resto) build is 8/11/42, which provides a lot of CC through non-interruptable cyclones and roots, feral charge and 5 sec bash, in addition to really good hot's. Best partner will be either a Warrior, Warlock or Rogue. Though careful about 'Locks - a lot of games will become outlast games, esp in mirror matches (their DoT's typically don't do more damage than your HoT's, so its all about not going OoM before their druid, unless you and your partner are able to coordinate CC on one of them and burst the other - usually works best to try to cc their druid. Rogues played well are probably the best at cc'ing an opposing druid: Cheapshot, Kidneyshot, druid trinkets, blind, vanish sap). I play my lock with a resto druid (8/11/42), and a few weeks ago we played a mirror match against the same team three times out of four games, with each game taking 35 - 45 minutes. The bastard part was after all that time, we were 1-2 against them with a net loss of 15 points. (the other one was a 15 min game against a rogue priest that we won, so after ~3 hours we'd played 4 games for a net gain of 0 points...)

After that experience, the druid I play with went and respecc'd dreamstate (37/0/24 or 34/0/27 or something), and we've been having an insane amount of fun. And he likes it a lot more cause he actually gets to do something other than HoT and run for his life. Our strat now involves me racing out the gate and engaging the other team, he stealths out and winds up a Starfire on our burst target which I have covered with dots, MF and IS them and maybe throw a LB or two on me if I've taken any damage (which makes their healer come out and start healing rather than LoS'ing, pillar humping or mana burning), at which time I switch my focus to their healer and dot them up, and spelllock, fear, deathcoil, fear, spellock all while my dreamstate druid is wrathspamming a target that is covered with corruption, curse of agony, siphon life, immolate, moonfire and insect swarm. Druid is not in boomkin form so that he can layer hot's on himself, as the target he is dps'ing goes straight for him like a magnet, which is fine cause he has NG to peel him off once, and a very high chance to resist pushback on super quick wraths.

By the time I'm done with the CC train on their healer (assuming priest druid or shaman), if the dps target isn't down yet (90% of the time it is...), we switch focus and he starts cycloning their healer and I refresh dots and start Searing Pain spam on dps target. We absolutley own any kind of healer / warrior, healer / warlock and dual dps teams (though double glaive rogues suck).

If its a pally / dps team, same strat but cc the dps and focus on the pally to make him blow his bubble, then get on his partner hard till bubble is down, then back to cc'ing his partner while blowing up the pally. Against shaman teams make a macro to /target ____ totem, /cast moonfire rank 1. That helps a lot.

For threes, as skwid mentioned, ferals can do quite well as currently that bracket is all about melee trains, and played well a feral with a warrior or rogue and a healer (or triple burst dps) can be tough. Resto druids are also quite strong in this bracket, but dreamstate tend to fall short just due to a lack of overall healing power to survive two melee on them or a teammate (damn you armor penetration).

I don't have much experience in 5's, though the GM of my guild is a druid and he got Gladiator last season in 5's as resto. I suppose that you can make a case for either feral or balance, though I'd think that the team would have to be built to take advantage of the respective auras to maximize the effect of a feral or boomkin.

*edited for clarity