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07-27-2008, 03:25 PM
im a 64 feral drood. i love to tank but feel my guild is going to need me as a main healer for kara and wouldnt mind starting to do arenas. my question is when should i switch to resto?

i tried resto at 58 but soloing sucked ass. is there a resto drood out there that has a good build for soloing? i have a friend i group w/ but sometimes hes not on and feel its going to take an hour to kill 1 mob.

now if im soloing do i stay in cow form or cat? ive read on another thread some1 useing roots and useing spells to dps. is that how a resto drood solos? if i have healing gear/ caster will i have the mana pool to toss spells out to kill my mob under an hour :)?

is there a nice build for raiding and pvp together? again im a feral drood who loves to tank but dont mind healing cause i stand back and get free XP by keeping u alive.

07-28-2008, 09:57 AM
Most players switch at 70 ...
I leveled from 1 - 66 resto and I had to admit it was a bit of a pain ... I had to respec for guild demands to feral.

However lately I have been respecing almost every other day depending on what I am doing. Also I found that if you gather enough pvp gear for either spec grinding isnt that bad. I have enough spell damage in my pvp resto gear that daillies are doable.

07-28-2008, 10:34 AM
can't speak for all resto druids, but I currently use a 16/0/45 Resto build for raid/instance healing and a degree of useability soloing around the place (doing dailies for example).

You're still in the realms of boring the mob to death and I do think I need to tweak the balance points around a bit now I've got a bit more used to how druids work.

I tend to:
1) Root the mob
2) Hit it with insect swarm
3) Moonfire it
4) Spam Wrath on it until it falls over.
5) if roots break in the meantime, cast barkskin and continue.
6) Rejuve/lifebloom as necessary

I would use starfire, but it has, ime, a nearly 100% success rate at breaking roots and 0% at critting so wrath consistently does far more damage.

On the Isle, I can typically knock over 3-4 mobs before drinking/innervate. I'm not sure that I'd like to try levelling using this build, but for casual questing/dailies and battlegrounds I find it a handy "utility" build. Not sure how suited to Arena PvP it is, that's an avenue I'm still gearing up for.

I'm just making the transition to Heroic/Kara instances in my PvE blues sprinkled with a couple of PvP epics but push out more than enough healing in something like normal Steam Vaults for a blue geared Tank to sit there happily smacking 3-4 mobs around.

I switched to full time resto at 68 on the basis that I'd instance run the last two levels and/or casually knock over the odd mob here or there but I wouldn't recommend the build for running a lot of solo quests.

current build for info ( 0000050050350031500531351)

07-28-2008, 10:53 AM
I've pretty much tried them all...but IMO Tree Healing is the best a Druid has to offer (I put 19 points into Balance, and I can do dailies with general ease).


whereas you are not finished with Outland questing, I recommend a "Dreamstate" type build that will allow you to the strength to solo and still sufficiently heal. You can play around with some of these builds, but I truly recommend staying away from full-out Tree form until you are done with soloing.

Also, I should mention that Nature's Swiftness is a Druid's BFF, and that 90% of the time, a Druid's main role for raids is keeping lifebloom up on tanks and general HoT's on the party, so I've never been a fan of the full-out Regrowth / Healing Touch build. But, that's just me. You, of course, will discover your own healing "niche".

Good luck.

07-28-2008, 12:37 PM
Magellan has grown so much on these forums in such a short time :)

It's really cool to see people going from asking a lot of the questions to answering them.

*forum hug*

07-28-2008, 02:02 PM
Magellan has grown so much on these forums in such a short time :)


There's no better place to learn!

07-29-2008, 04:46 AM
Hurray for druids ! ^_^


08-13-2008, 01:31 AM
I'm going to echo the responses of Magellen and Nellie.

I hit 70 maybe 2 months ago after levelling up as Feral. But I already have 2 DPS toons and I wanted a healer. So I switched to some sort of heavy Resto spec, and was so discouraged with my inability to do dailies and quests that I respecced to a 34/0/27 Dreamstate-restokin build. Before the respec I was able to kill maybe 4-5 critters in Quel'danis before sitting down and drinking. It sucked. As an aside, Naaru Rations and Conjured Mana Biscuits will become your friend.

Here is my current build:
It's very similar to Magellan's Dreamstate build, with some PvP adjustments. As with Magellan, it was easy for me to pull points out of a 0/0/61 Resto build since I never use Tranquility, and Healing Touch neither works in treeform nor is it suitable in PvP (exception, my Nature's Swiftness + HT panic macro).

After changing to a Restokin, that number of 4-5 kills per sit'n'drink nearly doubled. The improvement was huge for ability to do enough DPS to get by, and cheaper/stronger/faster Wraths was the key, along with better mana regen. Nellie said the kill order precisely, except with Moonkin form you get to spam Wrath point blank if root breaks, it rarely gets pushback if you talent for it, and you take considerably less melee damage. The benefit in this doubles with Naaru rations, you won't need to break Moonkin form when you need to heal, since you'll probably nearly be out of mana anyway. Insect Swarm is excellent damage for the mana, and I also usually use Moonfire.

The price for switching to Restokin is not free, however. Losing Swiftmend means that you will not be able to effectively heal lots of spike damage. Lifebloom and Rejuv healing is still excellent as is mana regeneration. However, I wouldn't heal heroics with 34/0/27, but maybe you could get away with it if you had a good tank and DPS that didn't do silly things. Not healing spike damage also means this build is not ideal in 5v5 arenas, but is still suitable for healing 2s and 3s. And finally, people will think that you're a boomkin but not a healer, but the truth is that mostly you're still going to be a healer with some DPS on the side, and you'll need to educate some people on this occasionally.

I have a fair amount of BG gear now, and as soon as I finish my 100% of my Outlands questing I intend to switch to either an 8/11/42 arena build or some sort of compromise -I've thought of 18/0/43 also.

The point is, you're going to hate questing with your druid unless you're mostly in epics, or have 18+ points in Balance. Also, DPS leather is pretty rare, it rarely drops in instances and you won't find much on the AH (exception: Wyrmhide from arena and BGs), so when your quest rewards have DPS leather, grab it. And you'll probably have to get some cloth DPS too. As soon as you're done questing however, that argument becomes moot and you can go crazy with your 0/0/61 raid build. Or 8/11/42 arena build. Or whatever.

08-26-2008, 10:39 PM
As an aside, Naaru Rations and Conjured Mana Biscuits will become your friend.

I know it's been mentioned a lot in other threads, but the Everlasting Underspore Pod quest reward from the Sporregar is worth repeating. You should have got this at around level 62-65ish in Zangarmarsh and for Mana users especially it is your friend for grinding.

10 free 4200 mana+health food per day is not to be sniffed at.