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08-12-2008, 11:31 AM
So I rolled a druid in EQ and kited to 50. I also logged 120 RL days, gained 60lbs and increased my blood pressure by 40 points. So I sold my account on E-bay the summer of 2000 and went on a vacation and bought a treadmill.

I started Wow around the time of BC went retail. The idea of questing for XP, zero down time and no death penalty was a breath of fresh air from UO online and EQ I. (no; item repair is not a death penalty even in your tier 6 its a coin sink. lose a level when you wipe a few times like EQ, that is a death penalty)

Ok, so I roll a druid and fumble through 30 levels and park him in favor of my wife's NE hunter. I really liked the solo ability and the pet factor. After getting the hunter to Mags, Gruul and SSC and 25k in honor kills I got bored as the summer started and WotLK on the horizon the guild took a PVE content break. Rolled a BE palli, and AOE prot style to 55.... /yawn. Then dusted off my druid and have been exclusive with him.. well except for farming on my hunter for Krak's 60 mount and herbs for Alchemy.

So Krak has been rolling through the feral tree and is doing great. I get to level 62 and am sitting at the trainer learning my new skills and trying to find a 5 man CE rep pug. All the groups need a healer. We search and search. I whisper every Shaman, Druid, Palli and Priest in our level range and they are either DPS/Tank spec'ed. Those that were healers are tied up in groups or "I don't PUG". I assume a pocket healer for someone/or some guild. I respecd resto and I throw on my quest/instance/AH heal set with + 377 heals and heal UB.

The tank was decently geared with greens and a mix of BC quest blues...but was an alt so understood how to tank. Quick run with two wipes. One on a boss where the DPS waited a little long to get going and my heals couldn't keep up with the burst dmg at the end. Then once when my HoT hit the tank at the same time he caught agro. Both my fault. Need to improve my heal set and my bad on the timing of the second. When I told them it was my first time healing they all roflmo, etc, etc. Said I did a decent job and great job since it was my first time.

I really enjoyed healing, I have to say its a heck of alot easier than 5/10/25 man hunter DPS/trapping/misdirect/pet control. Tanking was fun but you are do dependent on the skill of the healer and DPS that I was always looking over my shoulder. Now healing I stare at my X frames wait until the tank has lots of agro and keep my HoT's up and use a Nature Swiftness or Swift Mend if needed. If DPS catch agro they better be okay with a HoT :).

All and all I think with the Alli population being so high on Alleria i'll park in Friend/Guild/PUG's instance runs with a bit of solo play only for required quest rewards. I've found my druids bag baby.

Long winded post, /apologize.

My fail resto druid is spec'ed like this now ..

Please take a look, I'm looking for criticism and spec advice.

08-12-2008, 06:42 PM
thats a decent spec, pretty close to what i use myself

i used to play eq too, honestly i like the game mechanics alot better then wow, the reason i left to play wow was because of the crap graphics and the recycling of content, i think wow putting 10 level jump each exp is a very bad idea, not just for the people that start playing and are going to hafta level to 80 but because it forces u to upgrade to much, for instance im fully sunwell geared and ill be replacing some of it with blues from leveling only a couple months after getting the gear once wotlk comes out, and whole guilds will skip the "old content" and never see it because they will have accsess to level 80 epics
the good thing about eq is if u were in coa or whatever once a new exp u couldnt skip what u were working on and go straight to the new stuff, to progress the guild you had to go through all of the content

08-13-2008, 05:29 AM
Hallo new druid ! :D

Welcome to our druid grove :>

Your spec seems pretty good! You've definitely chosen well, looks like you've figured out you won't be using healing touch very much, and that hots are the way forward.

If I were you, I would spend your remaining 8 points like this:

2/2 Improved Tranquility - means using tranq actually saves the day instead of getting you killed
3/3 Brambles - May as well get imp thorns, since you're there in the balance tree anyway..
2/2 Nature's Reach - So you can use Insect Swarm/Faerie Fire from the same range you can heal from
1/3 Natural Shapeshifter - Save a bit of mana going in and out of tree form..

Just my suggestion though :>