View Full Forums : What's with the bias against PVP gear in PVE?

09-03-2008, 07:43 AM
I'm a Dreamstate spec and recently decided to go and get the cheap epics from BG's as I don't have time to raid. Many in my guild don't like having people in their raids wearing the PVP stuff from BG's and say the gear is bad for PVE. I don't really see a problem with it other than it seems like there's very little Spirit and Resilience might not be needed in PVE. Can anyone enlighten me on this?


09-03-2008, 07:50 AM
i think part of is due to the fact that raiding in a large group is seen as requiring more of a proper commitment to playing and is still viewed as being the proper game path through the content provided moving on through increasingly hard instances.

whilst pvp is seen more as solo gaming for easy epics.

i dont raid either so i picked up a couple of the feral epics as being the best pieces i can get.

i cant comment on other classes but from my understanding of feral druids you tend to lose out on Armour over raiding tier pieces and perhaps other stats like +hit / expertise. also feral items have Int which is not really needed and their bonuses are not related to raiding?

09-03-2008, 07:57 AM
I'm a Dreamstate spec and recently decided to go and get the cheap epics from BG's as I don't have time to raid.

This will be the largest part of the problem. Your guildies most likely feel a bit miffed that you have equally good gear without having had to pitch in lots of wipes on bosses to break the early content with them. The way NOT to react to their accusations is to point out the gear is equally good from pvp; instead, agree with them and say you just needed to get something sorted quickly and at the time that was the easiest way, then go on to assure them you will be replacing the pvp stuff with pve gear as soon as possible.

There is also a little truth in their words - a lot of "item level" is wasted on the excessive resilience and stamina of pvp gear. Another item with the same item level but without extra sta and res, would have better pve stats. The fact is though that it's much easier to get geared up from scratch by doing pvp. It's only much later on that you really need to start using pve gear to break hard pve encounters.


09-03-2008, 05:42 PM
In the case of tanking ferals, the extra stam is never wasted, and resilience is useful for achieving crit immunity, although you do not need as much resilience as you get through a complete pvp set.

I levelled variously as Balance, Dreamstate, and Resto and as a result had no feral gear of value. When I decided to respec feral pvp gear provided me the opportunity to start tanking and dps'ing in level 70 instances instead of having to go back to normal Ramps runs to start getting geared.

In addition to Annikk's point, there is also a perception (sometimes valid, sometimes not) that if you are wearing pvp gear you do not know how to play your toon in a pve setting.

09-04-2008, 05:18 PM
Are you planning on raiding as a healer? If so, the PvP gear is lacking a good amount of stats that are key for PvE healing, namely MP5, Spirit and a good chunk of +heal.

If you are planning on raiding as a Boomkin, the PvP gear is lacking a good amount of the +spellhit necessary to hit a lv 73 boss.

Reason being, as annikk said, each item has a set amount of 'stat points' that can be allocated to it for its level, and the PvP set is allocated more toward PvP things. There is also a perception that people who only PvP don't know how to PvE well, and in some cases that may be true (ppl who afk for honor in AV), but in most cases, PvE is a lot easier and more predictable than PvP (edit: to a certain extent... some fights are a lot harder and require more coordination than others i.e. Bloodboil vs Curator).

Still, the PvP gear is a heck of a lot better than 5 man blues and most heroic epic pieces. Though if you are serious about raiding, there is a lot of good crafted gear that is T4 / T5 equivalent that you can make to show them you are putting forth the effort. I'd just approach it by saying "hey, I needed to start somewhere" and then letting them know that you know what you are doing, and will actually try. A mediocre geared player who knows his class, pays attention and doesn't afk every 10 min > an extremeley geared player who doesn't pay attention and doesn't know how to play his class well.

09-08-2008, 06:40 PM
Thanks for the responses. I have noticed that MP5 and Spirit are lacking in PVP gear. I guess those fights don't usually last long enough for that sort of thing. I didn't think of spell hit though and yeah that is nearly non-existent in PVP gear.

I guess I'll use my PVP stuff as a stepping stone to PVE gear.