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09-22-2008, 12:09 PM
Covering all my bases.

The Crimson Permanent Assurance ( is based on EU Hellscream.

We're a small, casual, mature guild looking to gear up and resume raiding in preparation for Wrath.

We have a core of well equipped, well played characters for the level (T4 basically) and are looking to increase our membership with a view to resuming attempts on ZA as soon as possible and, hopefully, poke our heads round some 25 man content before no-body wants to go back there anymore.

We raid twice a week (wednesdays and fridays currently with the odd sunday/monday to complete anything outstanding), have people who enjoy smacking the horde round a bit and can otherwise be found doing all the usual stuff you do when you aren't raiding.

While we don't insist on raid attendence, we are primarily looking for people who want to do just that.

We're looking for all talents and all classes right now but Feral druids of either persuasion or h00tkins are especially welcome at the current time.

For more info, visit our website: or feel free to ask/call me name here.