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10-29-2008, 06:18 PM
i just saw this on mmo and thought that i'd share:

to qoute:

Feral Druid Need a Fair Chance at Visual....

Every other class can get a piece of loot and be happy that it makes your character look more unique, or bad ass or whatever might tickle your fancy, but feral druids have to look at the same model whenever they want to use their character.

I have played a druid for four years now, a druid was my first character in world of warcraft when beta was out back when the druid shapeshifting sold me on world of warcraft. Here I am four years later and I now Im quite tierd of staring at the same model. I love playing feral, but the one thing that keeps me from playing it is the simple fact that I look just like I did at level 20. Sure I got some swirly marks on my bear form for a bit of a change, but come on.

What helm?
*shifts out of bear form*

We spend 80% of the time not looking at the character we play. We spend 80% of the time looking like every other feral druid.

The bottom line is that your equipping your character for two reasons:

To improve its actual abilities and to improve its look. After four years, and 60 levels we shouldn't be stuck looking at the same old model.

and Ghostcrawler's response:
New art for forms, customization per form, and even the possibility of showing some gear in a form is all stuff we are talking about. When we have a firm plan we're ready to unveil, I'm sure you'll hear about it.

Now, it doesn't say anything about how soon we'll hear anything, or how soon we can even expect to start thinking about hearing anything, but the possibilites for improvement have at least been validated... :)

10-30-2008, 02:37 PM
My vote is to be able to see our armor in some form. Though I sure do miss Andrige's skins since 3.0 came out.