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11-28-2008, 03:16 AM
ended up getting this quest last night....not sure how, was just running various ones and ended up getting told to go here and there via portals.

hopped into a portal and ended up in Og first - which was not really Og as there was no mailbox / auction people or anyone running around.

then another portal to UC to meet up with Thrall and Sylvannas.

as we entered UC there were a load of enemy NPC's - including lvl 75 elites.

we fought a ton of them, including a level ?? Boss.

it was awesome...Sylvannas was healing me for 12-14k. My HP in bear was 50k !!! my swipe appeared to be critting for over 2k ?

oh and as we were waiting to start there was another player next to Thrall. we never actually grouped but he also came along on the quest so it appears multi people can do this quest together even though you are not grouped.

we then moved on into UC and Thrall cast some spell to allow us to float down to the lower level as the elevators had been broken and there were sharpened stakes at the bottom !

we fought loads more mobs, including elites as we made our way to the Royal Chamber.

it was manic......4 of us and often 10 or so mobs.....i was swiping for all I was worth ! my rage barely ever moved from 100 !!

and i dont know if it was from the heals or if i never managed to get much aggro but my HP never seemed to go below 40,000 ! the heals kept coming in :)

i've heard people have died doing this quest but i made sure kept up with Thrall and Sylvannas at all times. i assume there must be some range at which you would be out of their protective cover.

Thrall seemed to be dishing out awesome damage and he had serious amounts of HP and Mana.

Finally we ended up at Varathamas (sp!). One big Demon with a ton of HP....7 million ? or would it have been 700,000 ish ? not sure !

Took him down and then some Alliance turned up - including the King of something or other. We started to fight them but then something happened and we were all frozen as someone came along saying 'stop this did not need to happen'. i go a bit fuzzy at what happened here ?

took lots of screenies so going to look through them tonite and will post a few.

reasonable blue rewards....although i ended up taking the oomkin legs not the feral ones as my 100 badge legs I felt were better.

anyways well done Blizz ! :elfbiggri :clap: :band: :thumbs2: :cheers:

(plus i also did the Wrathgate quest yesterday. great cinematic !! Blizz have done well so far in this expansion imho)

11-28-2008, 01:10 PM
Yeah, I did this last night Alliance side. Pretty fun. Grouped with a paladin... he got aggro from the boss and died, even with the mega buffed HP and regen.

Spoiler about the teleporting:
The one teleporting everyone out at the end was Jaina. She was trying to get King Wrynn to see reason during it; Wrynn wanted to take back Undercity for the Alliance.

The quest itself is part of a long chain that starts in Dragonblight... you can look up the info on WoWHead, I'm sure. The Wrathgate quest is part of the same chain.

12-10-2008, 06:50 PM
Battle for Undercity is the end of a long quest chain that includes the Wrathgate Battle with Saurfang the Younger and Bolivar (A high ranking Alliance marshall or general, Friend of Varian).

You should've seen a video actually of the event while doing the quest. It's fairly epic.

The story is fantastic.

Basically what happened that Saurfang the Younger (Commander Saurfang's son) was leading Horde forces at the Wrathgate in Dragonsblight to fight Arthas. At the same time Bolivar from the Alliance was doing the same thing.

They meet in battle and are struggling when Putress, the Grand Apothecary from Undercity shows up with plague machines and kills everyone there. And by everyone I mean Scourge, Alliance and Horde. Arthas falls back and Bolivar and Saurfang both die.

At that point Alexstrasza (Queen of the Dragons and the Red Dragonflight) shows up with her consort and they cleanse the plague in fire.

You were supposedly up in the camp taking care of things while Saurfang went to battle. When you speak with her, she tells you what happened. Basically Putress joined with Varimathras, betrayed Sylvanas and took over Undercity.

They are working for the Burning Legion now (not the scourge).

When you take Saurfang the Younger's armor back to Commander Saurfang, he asks you to go to Org where you help Thrall and Sylvanas take back Undercity.

Basically all of this uses the new phasing tech and it's simply amazing.

12-10-2008, 07:07 PM
Maybe I've been really out of it but I am pretty sure phasing isn't a new concept or feature in WoW. I think a blue said that they use phasing for when you turn into a ghost to some extent too where you can't see mobs unless you're near your corpse.

It's just that it's been integrated into a whole lot of the new quests.

That being said, I think Blizzard did a wonderful job with the phasing technique and the Battle of the Undercity was extremely well done.

12-11-2008, 09:08 AM
The phasing they did in Icecrown is fantastic if you haven't seen it yet. I think compared with some of the others the seemless way it flows in Icecrown without any obvious breaks just floors me.

12-11-2008, 06:02 PM
I didn't quite mean it was new but they haven't really been using them in quests or anything before. The only previous things were really invisbility/ghost.

Now you actually have changed landscape and stuff.

I'm working on the Icecrown quests now. I dinged 80 though so guild's been having me raid with them so not too much time for questing lately. >.<

12-12-2008, 02:48 AM
not been to ice crown yet nor storm peaks. will be 80 probabyl by the time i do !