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11-29-2008, 08:28 PM
Hey guys got a few questions for ya... I have been getting tips from you guys for awhile and i would like some help on this topic! I just started running Naxx last night with my guild. I am the MT and a DK is the OT. I noticed during mob pulls that the DK can easily generate more threat then me at the beginning of the pulls and its hard to get some of the mobs off of him! I am spaming my Swipe and Maul and sometimes still cant get one back! This happened a few times! I was wondering if you guys had any tips on this situation... Different attacks or approaches if your OT can genereate more threat then you? He says hes not taunting...

One more thing... I have been told that Mongose has been Nerfed! I have it on both my staffs! Can anyone find any truth about this? I looked but was not able to find any success!

Also if you can take a sneak peak at my gear and let me know if thats the problem plz I would LOVE feedback good or bad is ok with me! Thanks all the druids out there!!!

Unbuffed stats are as follows....
..With Staff of Trickery
Attack Power-4381
(use with mobs)

..with Enraged Feral staff
Attack Power-4037
(use for bosses)

11-30-2008, 05:25 AM
If your DK is dropping one of their Consecrate-like abilities (Death and Decay or the green one) before you hit them, you will struggle to pull them off because the DK's spell will passively generate threat faster than you can actively generate it with Swipe. You have to tell everyone in your group to let you hit every mob before they attack or the healer casts, or they will likely pull the ones you haven't hit off of you. This includes your OT.

The best strat is for you to pull them and hit them, and then have your OT peel off whatever you want him to tank.

The good news is that as long as you continue Swiping and Mauling as fast as you can, 2 Swipes before the aoe starts is all you need to keep aggro on the non-primary target.

Also, you need the Primal Fury talent. More rage = more threat = more better.

Mongoose at 80 is the same as it ever was.

As far as your gear is concerned you need to increase your armor badly, and you have way more health than you need. Stacking health to infinity at the expense of armor just makes you a huge mana drain on your healers. Your dodge is fine for where you're at in progression. Armor is the single most important tanking stat for bears, and will be even after all the changes to the way bear armor works. You cannot go wrong in the current game stacking armor and agility; your health will take care of itself.

FWIW, I just started MT'ing Naxx in mostly heroic drops and my stats are 32k armor, 35% dodge, and 26.2k health unbuffed. The other MT's I know at similar levels of progression have similar stats. Your healers will thank you. ;-)

Good luck!

11-30-2008, 06:06 PM
D&D is the only Consec like ability a DK has. Desecration is just a buff to the DK when he stands in the unholy ground, it's not an AoE.

12-02-2008, 06:02 AM
I MT'd Naxx this week. We were short on time so we only cleared spider and horsemen wings but in general the healers said i was really easy to heal. Stats were 31.4k health unbuffed, 37% dodge. 25k armor. my stats improved from the drops i got so my health went up too 33.8k unbuffed. I'm gonna regem though to get more dodge. Only comment i have about this is though that while dodge is awesome, during one of the spider fights when they webbed me down, dodge went to 0%. Making health the better stat. Further more, general hits didn't really hurt bad but stacking magical attacks hurt alot. I recommend stam geming to help against undodgable attacks that seem to give healers the most trouble. Optimal stats i'm gonna shoot for are probably 40% dodge/ 31k health or better.

Also on a side note, raid buffed when i pop SI my final health was at over 55 thousand health. awesome..