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Sobe Silvertree
01-06-2009, 09:36 PM
WoW used to be easy.. Purple ment Wear it.. Blue over Green.. Level vs item.. and if all else failed for Feral Druids.. look it up on Emmeralds List.. just if you questioned it.

Now.. its like Haste. Armor Penatration. Crit.. blah blah .. and what was that .. oh a race car blowing up under my feet..

Anyhow.. looking for advice.. I just came back for a bit to play the game.. played during WoW Beta for Lich King.. had some fun as playing Ozzy for a while.

Now playing with my Druid I find myself scratching my head.. I tried some of the Add-ons.. Druid AEP etc etc.. but I am very unsure if its actual taking into account the "if Equipped" stats. And from what I can see Haste doesn't do anything for Cat but seems to Improve Bear.. or I am just getting lucky.

So looking over my gear.. some Old gear looks better then the newer gear. So as confusion goes.. I am looking for something to help point me.. "Wear this if your a Bear, Wear that if your a Cat.. thank you AL-Wardrobe"

So any help.. I seen the caculators.. heck.. its basically stating.. Put all your talents and Stats in and I will tell you if its better.. 3 hours later .. I find its error's out and frustration sets in.

So what does work?
I see Expertise over Crit or la la.. AEP - Mitigation.. etc..

Fuzzy Bear confused.. Guides will help.. Add-ons that tell me to Throw that Belt away even better! .. thanks in advance..

Sobe - TDG Owner
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01-07-2009, 12:46 AM
Bear stuff...

bear and cat mixed in one list...

cat stuff

And for FWIW, those are all great Feral blogs. I use an addon called Pawn to help evaluate gear in-game. You give it state weights and it totals up the numbers and gives you a total for that piece. It isn't perfect, but at least you know at a quick glance if an item is worth further consideration. Use the above links to populate Pawn.

01-07-2009, 02:30 PM
For DPS, AEP still works pretty well. I think the current version looks like this:

ExpR = 1.1 (up to cap)
HitR = 1.1 (up to cap)
STR = 1.05
AGI = 1
Haste = 0.65
AP = 0.45
ArPenR = 0.2

And then if things are really close, look at the Stamina values.

It's not quite so clear for tanking stuff, but it's more a priority:
Rank 1: Agility, Armor, Dodge
These combine for your physical reduction and your dodge %. If you can't tell before/after, try this:
Average Incoming = (1-dodge%) x (1-DamageReduc%)
Rank 2: Expertise, Defense
Expertise is good to get, but it's got a smallish effect on incoming damage, so it drops down a bit. Defense has an actual effect on dodge, so you can consider it above, as well as an effect on miss. The problem is that it's not as effective at current geat levels as Dodge or AGI on a point-for-point basis.
Rank 3: Stamina, Hit
Stamina's not a bad stat, the problem is that nearly every druid who's in anything approximating appropriate feral gear has plenty of it, so stacking more is usually of very marginal utility. Hit's the best threat stat, but it's still a threat stat, so it takes a back seat, because we don't really need more
Rank 4: AP, STR, haste, other offensive stats.

Sobe Silvertree
01-08-2009, 10:41 PM
Thank you!!! Now I need to get to work - Just got to 73.. Korialstrasz if anyone wants to look me up - Sobe is still my name.