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02-13-2009, 04:40 AM
Hoi guys!

With Kheldar asking about any other Elder Druids in the grove, i was thinking: "I didnt have any time for achievements, cause i so much to do for my Druid right now!"

Thats when i started asking myself, how do YOU spend your online time??? Farming?? Raiding?? PvPing??

Especially i want to know how the richest druid of all times spent his time online. Cause i wanna be rich too!!!! *pointoutatKheldar* :grin:

Here's what i do when im online:
- 4 days a week sons of hodir dailies (30-45 min per day)
- 2 days raiding from 19:30 until 23:00 (1st day naxx25, malygos / 2nd day sarth+3)
- 1 day raiding naxx10, malygos10 same time as above
- 1-2 day arena-pvping for 2-3 hours
- all other available time on my little frost-mage (leveling for the enchanting mats) or BGs with my druid

02-13-2009, 06:16 AM
hi s3Rgio,

try this guide. I used this guide and i have made enough gold now to buy 4 epic flying skills, i dont have herbalism just mining, using the addons in the guide i do full circuits of sholazar basin (it the best place to farm imo but can get quite busy at times) and pick up around 120 saronite ore, 6-7 titainium ore, and shed loads crystalised earth, shadow, air, water and fire.

saronite always sells in the AH for around 20- 30 g on my server and once smelted titansteel bars sell for 140g for one ( just ashame there is a 20hr c/d)

and the crystalised things sell well too

hope this helps you in becoming rich

02-13-2009, 10:26 AM
I log in 3-5 days a week. When I login, I try to run 1-2 5-mans, then I log off. If I can't get a group right away, I go do unfinished quests, clean out my bags/bank and do an AH scan.

I haven't done a daily yet in LK. I don't PvP or do much with professions other than pick flowers if they happen to be nearby. On nights we have a raid (2-4 nights a month), I just do the raid.

02-13-2009, 11:46 AM
Wow, I try to do my JC daily on my Main and Alt each day when I log in. (4-5 days a week, about 20 mins)

Beyond that, I have scheduled raids 2 nights a week (3 hours each)

Only PVP I do is WG for day I will get that darn helm, and Arena (about an hour each week) just to farm up arena points on the off chance my rating will ever be high enough to use them! :)

As for $, I have two jewelcrafters +400 so even with the sinking dragon's eye market, that is ~300g+ a day for a 20 min commitment. Then I also herb on my main. Not really a money maker for me, but more a money saver (flasks are pricey)

I make most of my money by buying Scarlet Rubies off AH for about 75-80g each and then cutting "Runed Scarlet Ruby" (+19 spell power) and selling them for about 110g-125g each. I easily sell 15-25 gems a week. (making 25g-40g a pop after fees)

02-13-2009, 12:56 PM
I log on about 4-6 nights week, depending. The day that i get the most done is Tuesday, since that's the day when I'm off, and my wife works... On tuesdays, I run OS10 and 25, and Vault 10 and 25, along with the PvP dailies.

Any other day, when I log in, the first thing i try to do is the daily BG. If it's something like WSG or AB, i may do it a couple more times just to grind a little more honor and rep. Rep for Warsong Outriders or The Defilers comes PAINFULLY slow.

Thursdays has become my Naxx10 day, so i don't usually get anything else accomplished. Sunday has apparently become Naxx25 day (or we're giving it a shot as aguild this coming Sunday, so wish us luck) so the same thing goes. Monday nights are usually spent doing dailies or grinding honor or running heroics for rep or getting our arena matrches in for the week.

Now that I'm totally broke, I may have to rearrange my schedule slightly to try to raise a little money. I'm a skinner and LW by profession, so any suggestions as to where to farm mats would eb welcome. I wanna be like Kheldar when i grow up, too :)

02-13-2009, 01:17 PM
Now that I'm totally broke, I may have to rearrange my schedule slightly to try to raise a little money. I'm a skinner and LW by profession, so any suggestions as to where to farm mats would eb welcome. I wanna be like Kheldar when i grow up, too :)

Ah, the fate of a druid. I too was a LW/Skinner...and to be completely honest: The only way you are going to make any money is to dump LW, and possibley skinning and pickup a gathering skill or JC. Herbs/Ore/Eternals/Gems are where the money is at.

LW really doesn't offer any benefit to you once you are raiding. All craftables are <Raid gear atm. I am sure a pattern or two will come out with Uldaur, but the craftable will always be less than boss drops.

Use the mats you have to make a bunch of leg patches and then dump LW! :) I still have leg patches from when I was a LW (only made 4-5)

02-13-2009, 01:29 PM
shoot... i was afraid someone was going to say that :(... i LIKE LW, but just can't make the same money at it as say, JC *cough* OP *cough* lol

it would be really nice if us Leather workers would get a golden bone thrown to us. The fur-lining and leg reenforcements are nice, but doesn't really get the job done concerning $$$.

I definitely don't want to drop skinning due to the crit bonus, either. I guess i'll start auctioning off my mats more aggressively and see how it goes for now.

02-13-2009, 01:53 PM
unfortunate fact is skinning is hands down the easiest profession to level, and as a result, the AH is flooded with competition.

02-13-2009, 02:46 PM
yea, that's a good point... i may end up leveling an alt to have as my slave-labor...

i've had a hunter and a pally staring at me forever from the login screen


02-13-2009, 02:57 PM
yea, that's a good point... i may end up leveling an alt to have as my slave-labor...That's a good point. I have a lvl 70 hunter that I haven't played in 1.5 years. He has 375 mining. I could keep inscription and use him to gather ore (I mean money)?!?!

I'd have to level him and he doesn't have his epic mount. And I no clue what to do with a hunter anymore...

02-13-2009, 04:25 PM
Especially i want to know how the richest druid of all times spent his time online. Cause i wanna be rich too!!!! *pointoutatKheldar* :grin:

awww /blushing bear


i am far from being the richest. i hear / see of players with well in excess of 100k gold tbh.

i'm just tight - ask a guildie who will agree !!!

in the old original Wow..... (i have played since European Final Beta)

I had no gold....never into 4 figures.
I raided 3 nights tops a week for 4 hrs..19:00 - 23:00.
We did MC / BWL / AQ40 plus some AQ20 and ZG.
It took me til lvl 42 on my druid as my 1 and only character to get my first mount.
And i was 60 for a little while b4 i could get epic mount for 800g iirc ?
Was LW/Skinner for ages - til it was apparent i needed a Smoking Heart so dropped skinning for enchanting

my Raiding guild folded a month or 2 before BC was released.
The age old problem of hardcore versus casual raiders (ie me) as the hardcore deserted us for raiding guild where the only requirement was you had no life, did not work and ran Wow 24/7 :eek:

I took 6 months off Wow cos Wife not totally happy with the Wow was running my life and dictating when i could do something with friends etc compared to a raid !
Although i'd levelled to 70 by this time but my old time old time friends by then had quit Wow totally so i was alone in my own guild.
Came back just after my son was born - yeah odd timing i know but the wife was busy feeding him so much i had some time to do some solo questing
Met a great guy who joined me in a guild of 2 - we pugged everything, me feral him healer. got my Earthwarden etc.
Few people joined us as casuals and we got to know a million and 1 excellent people in big raid guilds who joined us as often as possible for heroics.
Guild ended up with a little core of 6 ish lovely excellent people for heroics which we ran 4 or so times a week.
Also did many many dailies for Rep with everyone - got all my epic flying mounts - Skyguard / Netherwing etc.
So money was nicely building for me into the 10's of thousands in BC.
Oh and i joined the dark side for 3 months or so and started serious pvping cos the rewards were simply too good and so easy to get compared to effort required to get badge rewards from running heroics let alone doing semi proper 25 mans :tongue: :tongue:

Found solo levelling to 80 a total piece of cake. my god Blizzard have made this game soooo damn easy these days /yawn
Doing a ton of dailies each day for rep and cash.12-15.
Lost some good people to bigger guilds as my guild of 6-8 became too small for them and they wanted more.
We've kept some alts though. But tbh we're now a guild of 4 !
I play the AH a bit to make gold.
We're just starting to do some 5 mans.
I need to run some pvp for my new meta slot helm !!!

As for time - i basically dont get online til 19:30 any night after baby boy has gone to bed, apart from Wednesday. So Wow time is majorly limited now.

02-16-2009, 01:26 PM
- Log on 7 days. Raid 4 days a week for about 2 hours, weekends 2,5 hours.
- Then I try to run at least one HC every day. Do WG a few times a day with some BG's in between. Usally an hour or 2.
- When I am really bored I try to finish the quests in Sholar, Storm Peaks and Icecrown.
- So on average 4-5 hours a day.

02-26-2009, 12:37 PM
another useful way to make money is to offer your cool downs.

example i hit the trade channel with:

WTS CD for titansteel.

so far i have made around 300g charging 25g - 45g. if i have the mats i use it for myself but this seems to be a good way to create more income :)

also as im boonkin i aoe farm the tigers and giraffes in shol basin as they only drop boren leather and not scraps and sell them for 7-9g a stack so skinning isnt that bad plus the extra crit with skinning maxed is nice :texla: (another place is the crocs and snakes in the marshes there too once you have ran out of the above)