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04-07-2009, 03:25 AM

As the name of the post says i would like to know,
what type of equips for what situation u carry arround or have on the bank.

Here are mine:
- Feral Tank
- Feral Tank max. Mitigation (just 2 items different from normal tank gear)
- Feral Tank max. HP (the frost-resi-items swapped in + stam-trinkets)
- Feral Tank max. HP + fire-resistance (on bank; with pala-aura at 416 fire-resistance @ 48k HP -> about 0 aggro-generation )
- Feral Tank hit-capped, 14% expertise for max. aggro
- Kitty-DPS (for mostly Raid)
- PvP-Set (all items except 1 trinket and Journeys End are the PvP-Items; usually dressed while doing dailies -> horde is crying if they gank me :wink: )

And for my non-main-speccs:
- Heal-Set (complete naxx10, naxx25, no blues or stuff)
- Moonkin-Set (no shared items with heal-set, almost all items are 25man-content-items, 4piece T7.5)

So what to say more....

04-07-2009, 03:42 AM
Go visit Paris then ;)

04-07-2009, 07:40 AM
I have (keep with me)

1) Bear - Trash = High TPS / Avoidance
2) Bear - Boss = Mix of Stam / Avoidance
3) Bear - Stam = Uber Stam (Sarth etc)
4) Kitty - Raid = Hit Capped (also serves as my Heroic Bear Gear, otherwise go rage starved)
5) Boomkin - Hit Cap
6) Resto - Spirit Stacked
7) Herbing - Haste Stacked, pick a flower in ~4 secs

8) I have several PvP sets too, but they stay in the bank.

...I have all +20 slot bags and only room in my backpack for non-gear.

Many of these sets share items with each other, but there is no way I could manage them without Outfitter. May seem excessive, but to quote a disney movie "Luck favors the prepared"! Have the right gear for the right encounter = Win.

Also, even as feral I like to keep my +SP set close for "Near Wipes". 10-15 bodies on the floor and folks need Rez's, its a lot speedier if the bear slaps on +SP gear and Innervates self then starts helping rez. No Incombat advantage, just a time saver and curtiousy to those who keep me alive!

04-08-2009, 03:07 AM
i guess i always have a tank / bear / oomkin and healer set with me these days.

or to quote a non-disney movie 'chance favours the prepared mind'

04-08-2009, 01:13 PM
i've been slacking on my off sets... I have (in order of importance and quality):

1) PvP set (this is my Outfitter default set)
2) Kitty dps set (mostly Naxx25 drops, heroic staff still, and a couple blues)
3) Gimped bear set (mostly stuff from my kitty set and PvP set, with Enraged Feral Staff and the Naxx25 armor trinket)
4) Gimped healer set (i *do* have the 1Hander from heroic Nexxus though)

i seriously need to clean out my bank, too... I'm running out of runn everywhere, and yes, i have Haris Pilton's bag, and the 22-slot bag that drops from OS :(