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05-11-2009, 11:44 AM
Hi Everyone,

I have been looking for a decent guide to share with my guild for the Emalon encounter. Thus far I have been unsuccessful in finding one. So I created my own. I would appreciate any suggestions or tips you have too.

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Good Morning Folks,
After a frustrating weekend of trying to kill Emalon with every mix of player possible (probably 10-15 different PuGs over 3 days) I have come to the conclusion that we should try this as a guild. When coordination is good, it’s an easy win!

Since I can’t find a decent Emalon Guide, I am going to attempt to make my own!

Things EVERYONE must know and do:
1) Download DBM!!!! Its an EOA raiding requirement (and I can easily check if you have it! :P )
2) GET ON VENT!!!!

Emalon has 4 ads around him that must be tanked away from the boss. Occasionally (every 30-35 secs) he will charge one. If the charged ad is not killed within 24 secs the raid wipes.
As soon as any of the 4 ads is killed a new one will spawn. It is important for the OT to pick that ad up quickly. (they <3 eating healers) Rinse and repeat. I am sure Emalon has an enrage timer, but rest assured, you will wipe from DPS failure on an add long before you fail from DPS on the boss.

Emalon's Damaging abilities: Lightning Nova (Much like Loken) Get OUT! The further you are from the nova the less damage you take. Its a 30 yrd attack, so ranged will likely have to move out of attack range to completely avoid it, however anyone 15-20+ yds away can eat it (taking ~8-10k damage) Chain Lightning works like it does for all enemies. Jumping from target to target increasing damage each jump. All ranged DPS should be greater than 10yds from another player on 10man or be within <3 other players on 25man. Stomp is the last special ability he has. Its a short term AoE stun (2-3 secs, dealing moderate melee damage) Can easily be healed through, but you don't want a clothy in stomp range.

Easiest way to tell which ad is charged: The ad will become larger as it is charged, it will also have its health restored to full. So the ad with the most health is always the charged one! (providing the OT has beaten the rest into threat submission as he/she should be)

Responsibilities by Role:

T: Will be responsible for keeping aggro on Emalon at all times. There are small "Cubbies" in the North and South points of the room that make for the best positioning of the boss and his ads. Boss in one "cubby" all ads in the other. MT will need to avoid as much damage as possible, because emalon is a giant, and thus hits like one! Slow HARD physical damage. In 10man, there is more movement flexibility so the MT can run almost completely out of the "nova" damage. In 25man, the tank will need to run, but only 10-15 yrds away so the boss can be quickly repositioned. The nova does less damage based on your range

OT: As you will see the OT has the most difficult job in this encoutner. You will be responsible for picking up all 4 ads and maintaining aggro on all 4 as well as any new spawns throughout the duration of the fight. You will be positioned in the opposite "cubby" from the main tank. Once an ad has been "Charged" by Emalon, you will want to target that ad immediatley so that DPS can assist off you as well as your need to generate massive threat on the target becomes more pressing. DPS can't throttle their damage to accomodate your threat level. Once the charged ad is killed a new one will spawn and need to be taunted over to you. The ad spawns from the boss and will immediatley move to a healer from heal threat. Hunters should be MDing to you, but you also must taunt the mob using your ranged taunt. To complicate things further, you must manage your damage to all mobs so that you do not kill one off at a bad time, thus causing a new ad to be up during a charge or while your taunt is down. Bears are probably best for this job because of large physical mitigation and easy to control AoE threat. (You can manage swipes so you don't kill all 4 mobs at once, and only swipe enough to hold aggro and not do additional damage) Pallies and DK's are the next best classes due to easy AoE threat and excellent ranged taunts (though they are typically less practiced in using them, as it has not been required much elsewhere in the game). Warriors are probably the least desirable tank for this role, but are the best for MT job.

elee DPS
You have only three jobs, but must be flawless at them. 1) DPS emalon, not stealing threat while the boss is initially being positioned. 2) Get to and kill the charged ad asap. The best strategy is to move to the ad 5 secs before it is charged (see why DBM is important?). Hold cooldowns for ads and use your highest burst damage possible. 3) DONT DIE!!! You must run out from "nova" attacks or you will be one shotted.

Ranged DPS
You also have 3 jobs. 1) DPS emalon, not stealing threat while the boss is initially being positioned. 2) Turn to and kill the charged ad. The best strategy is to hold procs 5 secs before it is charged (see why DBM is important?) and unload as soon as you can target the charged ad. Hold cooldowns for ads and use your highest burst damage possible. 3) DONT stand too near anyone else (10man) or only within 10 yds of 1-2 other person(s) (25man). I strongly reccomend that if you have "blooming" attacks you schedule those to hit just as an ads is charged. For example: A FFB or Fire mage should be applying LB to any ad about 10 secs before the charge will take place (again, note DBM). This means it will bloom (explode) just after the ad is charged giving you a free shot at the mob without wasting a GCD (yes the timer is that tight that it matters)

It's time to man up!!! (or woman up???)
Both tanks will be taking MASSIVE amounts of damage throughout this fight. In 10 man a healer will be needed for each tank as well as one for the raid. (can be done with 2 healers but very difficult) In 25 man, each tank will need 2 healers and 2 on raid damage. (again, can be done with 5, but very stressfull) It is best for the healers to position themselves in a line (spread out) running east / west across the middle of the room (or Front to back as you are looking at the pull). This allows you to be in range of all players throughout the encounter. I have not healed the encounter, so I could use feedback from you folks on best setups and rotations. Mana will likely be an issue! There is huge spikey damage on the tanks.