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07-06-2009, 01:10 PM
I'm apologizing ahead of time for the size of this post...but I needed to let off some steam...=*(

I was in a group for Heroic Nexxus where the tank pulled non-stop. Doesn't seem like it would be an issue, but when you walk away from Heroic Nexxus with a 50+g repair bill as a LEATHER WEARER...there's obviously been a problem.

I'm maybe not a veteran healer, but I have grown considerably since I first picked up a resto secondary healing H:Nex shouldn't be a problem.'s how the story goes...

We get into the room with Anomalus. Ick. The tank chain pulls through the entire instance. Example: The dps was still killing off one of the patrol mobs as the tank engaged the dragonkin guys up on one of the platforms. The DPS successfully killed off the patrol mob and ran up to join us on the platform. With 4 guys beating on a tank and the chaotic rift still up, the tank and I were both taking damage. I was around 75% mana after the DPS caught up to us and killed off those mobs...or most of them. With some of them still alive, the tank ran off to the next platform and started pulling.

o.o I race up to heal him and the incessant chain pulling continues. I finally managed to catch a small break just before Anomalus. But we're not talking about a long enough break to recover any mana. We're talking about a break JUST long enough for me to walk up onto the ramp behind the tank and ZOOM!!! He's all over Anomalus. -_-

I don't know how, but I managed to keep the crew alive during that at 50% mana. soon as Anomalus was downed, I look up and the tank's taking damage again. I was at less than 25% mana, but not wanting to wipe, I raced to catch up to the tank and ended up jumping off of the wrong side of one of the platforms and died. Great. So I race back into the instance and rez the crew. My death, my fault...not complaining about that except to say I was rushing to keep the tank up...and in the panic, lost sight of my landing spot. Stupid mistakes happen to those who rush...

As soon as the tank is rezzed, it's GO GO GO again. She wasn't even at full health, we hadn't buffed up...the only reason I was at 100% mana was because of the run back through the instance. We got into the room where the Treeshaper was almost like the tank had some sort of death wish. The DPS is all taking damage from the little flowers and random pats that ended up getting aggro'd. In the meanwhile, the tank is far enough ahead to be out of range of my heals. Another wipe. @_@

>.< By now, my gear has turned yellow. I run back in to heal the tank as fast as I can, but because the DPS is all dead now he's got too much on him and I couldn't even get an instant heal off on him. He died. Then I died again. Then 98% of my gear was red.

...*ahem*...I believe it was at this point I taught myself a new cuss word combo or ten and almost ditched the group...but we were close enough to the end...right?

Party chat reads: [Tank] "Repair quick and get back. I'm pulling now." As I was repairing, I got whispered by the DPS who is friends with the tank. I was advised to let the DPS die and just keep the tank alive. That's not how I roll. I replied with "..." because by now, I was getting pretty grumpy at this entire cluster....of a run.

We get the Treeshaper down without anyone dying, thank god. And it's ZOOM...Racing to the final boss.

We got inside Keristraza's room...the tank pulls the patrol in that room, and without even killing it, starts the Keristraza event.

By now, I'm grinding my teeth and just reminding myself that it's the final boss, so getting angry and leaving group would be stupid...

We managed to get her down. I instantly left group, repaired...again...hearthed and turned in my daily. >=[ GRR!!!

Sorry about the rant, but omg...

There was one point where he pulled an entire pack of mobs on him and I had a whopping 124 mana. Not 124K...just one hundred twenty four mana. Innervate was on cooldown from the previous chain nightmare...I had used all of my mana pots...I'm told "he thinks that people play lazy if he lets them stop for mana." My reply? "...!!!..."

That's got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Ever.

ORLY? I almost threw my computer out the window at that point. Never, in all my wow career have I heard such..:bs:

It also seemed that she thought that DPS was just I can only imagine how useless our DPS felt when I was ordered to let them die...and continue chasing the runaway tank. And I understand that if you're a big bad raid superstar, that maybe you don't want to take longer than 30 seconds to run a heroic. But come ON...not everyone on the server raids 8 days a week and has the uberest of gear and skill...maybe there ARE healers that can heal without mana...but I'm not one of them. I was SO mad and SO frustrated...and so mad! (lol)

Healer's little blue bar is completely empty? Innervate on CD? No Mana? NO PROBLEM! HEALERS DON'T NEED MANA!!!

Very frustrating. I needed to rant. Thx for listening. =)

07-07-2009, 03:00 AM
well Des you do seem to have the patience that you said you dont in my little horror thread on that 3 hr AN run i did awhile ago !

i'd have left the n00b tank to die a few times and then got him to slow down or just left.

we often run fast through heroics but there is no excuse for that sorta play - its just plain dumb not to mention arrogant.

if he thinks he is so good then let him run the instance on his own and see how far he gets.

i often grab a bit of mana as the tank continues towards the next grp but thats when i'm dps. and as long as i have 8k mana plus i can easily do trash pulls. we only stop long enough for all to regain mana on bosses.

then we use readychecks.

07-07-2009, 08:48 AM
From the time I first went oom when she started tanking, Innervate was on constant cooldown. It was insane.

If we hadn't wiped the handful of times we had, it might have been less aggravating. I've run with her before and while it is always a speed run, it's never been a suicide run before. Maybe I'm just getting spoiled with the fun Pugs I've been in?

It's the same for DPS that uses mana also. So I imagine if you're a caster DPS running with this tank, you can expect to be dead last on the dps meter after the first few pulls unless you've got lots of mana pots or some serious mana regen abilities...oi.

07-08-2009, 02:30 AM
was it a dk tank ?

i sometimes need to do some fast catchups and do miss the pull if we are doing some fast runs...eps a time COS heroic.

07-08-2009, 09:04 AM
Yeah she was a DK...invincible...right?

It's not a horrible thing for the DPS to get a little behind on the pulls provided the healer can keep the tank up long enough for the DPS to get caught up. I've been in groups where a tank will pull while folks are still looting. No big deal. But when the tank has pretty much reached the next "zone" in the instance and the healer is racing to catch up and praying that by the time she gets to the half dead tank she can pull a miracle out of her leaves to keep that tank going and praying the DPS doesn't pick up any friends on the way to her and the becomes a very non-enjoyable instance. As soon as I get caught up at work I'll try and post to my blog again.

07-09-2009, 03:21 AM
yeah more blogging :)

and well DK's seem a little invincible. i so want them to have a big nerf stick applied.

07-09-2009, 10:18 AM
Oh, they're getting nerfed next patch >=)

Which...wait...I have a DK =( TBH, I don't mind the changes. I know my DK is a little OP.