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07-13-2009, 02:11 PM
Hello Grove!!!,

I have been a naughty druid and away too long. (yeah vacation!)

There is an interesting article on regarding item armor class, and I was wondering how these types of situations have affected you?

I know, as proud owner of raiding mage, I get furious when I have to roll against every other casting class. Also, as a feral tank, I am frustrated that we are lumped in with the DPS to fight for gear, but that is a whole other issue (w/ bear itemization)

My previous guild (where I was a senior officer) had a strict armor type policy. More or less, you only got a priority roll if it was your main armor type. (we had a roll between need & greed, that was for those "special" peices, basically allowing off armor class-main spec items to get priority over offspecs.)

My current guild has a policy strictly stating if you can equip it, you can roll for it. Typically folks are intelligent and know enough about itemization that they have passed their roll to the appropriate people, but it seems like a potential pitfall in the future. I don't agree with this policy, as my mage will undoutabley fall short on gear. My druid has been fortunate enough to get some nice leather SP gear, so I don't need to go after clothy loot just yet!:texla:

07-13-2009, 02:19 PM
yea, I'm of the mindset that clothies get first priority on cloth, leather-wearers on leather, chain wearers on chain, etc etc etc.

If your group doesn't make that clear, then pallies get to roll on absolutely everything, and there's nothing i hate worse than some elitist healdin wearing cloth.

I also hate seeing resto shammies rolling on epic leather shoulders when we have a boomkin druid in blues. I've seen druids /gquit over that stuff. In this one particular instance, we pugged a resto shammy and he won the roll.

07-14-2009, 03:04 AM
its a thorny issue and no real 'correct' answer.

if cloth is an upgrade for a druid oomkin then why should they not roll on it ?

if leather shoulders are an upgrade for the shammy why should they not roll on it ?

then you simply turn it around and say

i cant wear anything but cloth so i should have priority

its more of an upgrade for me so need it more than you even if its cloth and i can wear leather ?


Its go to be down the individual guild policy that must be stated up front and known to all guildies new and old.

dual specs just made the loot distribution more difficult as everyone now is looking for gear for an off spec all the time.

07-14-2009, 04:02 AM
I am lucky, my guild is further into progression than I am, so normally I get a few drops when I run as most of them already have it, My guild Dunedain on Khaz'groth is a mid range raiding guild and normally has naxx on farm etc.

I dont get to raid as often as my family gets me at the times they normally raid. That being said, they dont mind the armour type being a second choice to stats, so my pally has quite a few Shammy pieces for a heals set, but only rolled on as an offspec.

we have two seperate rolls, a mainspec roll first, and then if no-one needs for their mainspec, an offspec roll that is free for any that can use it.

With Ulduar up and going, you dont see any offspec rolls, but give it another month, and they will start happening :)

as long as the players in the guild all know the rules beforehand, there are very few arguments (although convincing a Ret pally that your ferel druid needs a polearm was interesting for a few weeks after 3.1)

07-24-2009, 12:00 PM
yea, I'm of the mindset that clothies get first priority on cloth, leather-wearers on leather, chain wearers on chain, etc etc etc.

This is our policy too. We will let a leather wearer mainspec over a clothie offspec but clothies get priority on cloth and so on up the chain.