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08-26-2009, 04:01 AM
Ok so last night following on from my naax thread etc we just had Kel to kill.

a few of us never having been there, and a couple of people were there for the first time on a different char, including a healer who had only done it preiously on a hunter.

when looking at the tactics on thot and listening to the raid leader last night i have to say i did not feel it was too complicated a fight ?

unfortunately for me at the last minute one of our healers turned out to have been saved to naax even though he'd only cleared 2 wings and got no where near Kel.

our RL was going to bring her druid to heal but that would have mean no shammy, and her main does really good dps so i have to volunteer to heal :(

first attempt went really well but the ice blocks did for us with our spacings and being able to quickly enough heal the iceblocked person - especially a healer which is tough to lose.

got him to about 35%.

2nd try was better given i'd now seen the fight ! I changes to casting nourish on iceblocked people rather than trying to use a couple of quick LB's.

got him to about 15%.

3rd time we were rocking a bit better. people moving out of the bad red circle things ? healing the iceblocks going better. We lost a couple of people i guess before the end, including me ! But he went down in the end !

:texla: :grin: :band: :flipbg:

I had to say it was actually a fun fight to heal - and imho not that difficult ? RL said i topped the healing meter which was a surprise over the 2 main spec healing priests we had.

All in all a good weeks raiding.

Naax again tonite !

Raging Epistaxis
08-26-2009, 10:37 AM
Woo Hoo! Congratulations!

08-26-2009, 12:05 PM
Grats Kel!

Sorry I misssed it, but you're raiding now?

08-27-2009, 03:18 AM
cheers Raging.

not really Oi - i've known a lot of people in various guilds over the past yr or so. only doing heroics and being in a small guild i've found some good people from pugs and kept in touch with many.

over time their situations change and/or some guilds disband/merge and recently we've picked up about 8 lvl 80's ! All of which have some form of raid experience, 10 and 25 including some with the first 2/3 bosses in Uldaur.

with this number of people, and given they come from raiding guilds we needed to do more than run 5 man heroics !

so 2 weeks ago we got a grp together to try OS 0D and killed him ok. Following week we tried him again with 1D as per my OS10 thread ans struggled but killed him 0D easily.

we have not done OS this week as last nite following the reset we hit Naax again.

i dont know how its going to progress. i'm getting told to sort out guild ranks now.....does guild rank affect your ability to create (and see?) a guild event in the calendar ?

also my time is limited due to RL. Wed is my only totally free raid day and sometimes we will want to go out as we are without baby boy that nite ! other days i'm not free til 19:30 my time which is late to start something for others who live in various European countries and hence timezones.

so i am not sure how it will work in the future as with such a small number of people still we dont even always get all of us to raid so we have usually had 1 or 2 spaces for a raid so far from other friends we know.

For example last night after the reset we decided on another Naax 10 start. However 2 people we've recently got are busy in RL and dont wat raids yet, another only like the quick ones like OS or VoA and another was out with RL last nite !

So even with trying friends etc we only got 8 of us......which someone pointed out was an achievement if you could kill all the bosses....

So off we went for out 2nd naax run with 8 of us intrepid (or foolhardy?) adventurers.

I'm pleased to report it went very well. We did Spider and Plague wings....the 2 easiest as i understand it. We cleared both in about doubt slow but very good for us I felt with our grp of 3 healers, 2 tanks and 3 dps. I was 3rd on dps overall with 2.95k. A good shammy we know who came was hitting 4k ! The other shammy was just over 3k.

We had one wipe on the big spider boss who enrages i believe and killed us all as we were obviously a bit slow killing her. we got her 2nd attempt though.

i guess our core raiding people who are now in the guild comprise :

Pally - OT
Pally - DPS, poss not quite tank geared yet.
Shammy - DPS and RL
Druid - Ommkin or healing if i really must :p
Priest - holy
Priest - holy
Priest - discipline

We have 2 other shammies (1 is 3k+ the other 2k with worse gear) who will I think come now and then, and another druid who only wants the quicker time raids as i mentioned above, which is a shame as he is also oomkin and does 3k in heroics....tops me which is something i need to address.

And a lot of the above people have at least 1 of not 2 or 3 other lvl 80's that they would like to swap in at times for gearing. The discipline priest wants to bring his rogue but i said no cos that would mean i'd have to heal :p and the RL wants to gear up her pally but we sorta need her 3k+ dps atm.

08-27-2009, 05:20 AM
Well done :) grats on clearing Naxx. Soon you wont need 3 healers.
My guild runs it with 2 and depending on grp one tank (if he have dual-heal) switch to healing for the last 2 bosses. Shouldnt be needed but takes a bit of stress from the healing and some time to slack ;)

08-31-2009, 08:58 AM
Grats Khel! I am a little bear, beaming with pride that my favorite BoomTree took out KT! WooT!

09-03-2009, 03:53 AM
Cheers Des (you gone really quiet again !)

Its good fun although since then we've not got any raids together, and even last nite when i have time nothing happened with only 6 signups and no RL :(

Next week we are supposed to be trying Uldaur 10 but not having done another Naax yet that may get postponed.