View Full Forums : ICC rep rings arrrrghhh!

05-06-2010, 01:30 PM
ok. im a bear tank. i have 2 lvl 245 rings and made friendly with the ring guy in ICC last night. off i trotted while the raid waited for me to collect my shiney new piece of jewelry. and they waited,

then they waited a bit more.

then i started to hear polite coughing over VT.....

all this while i stared at the rings on offer with that blank expression you get when you have no idea what to choose.

can one you you help?

look at what i have so far, click the link below to elventras armory, i will stay in my bear gear as much as possible for you. i dont suspect i will be wearing the friendly ring and may end up changing it before i do. but any suggestions would be apprieciated...