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05-26-2010, 02:53 AM
i read another board users blog just now, about 5 man pugs and a particular healer who needed wisdom.
Hehe. Of all the buffs he was screaming about wisdom it seemed was the thing he did need most.... why must people get so irate playing a game. I know we are all addicted to some extent. My mother in law keeps saying " you must come over, i have recorded a TV show all about the addiction to warcraft" no sure what she is implying.... i only play 4 nights a week, i dont log in if im still awake when the wife goes to bed on the other nights. Plus i never get up at 6am now to do my dailies...... also when im not playing im not allways planning the next raid or reading books about the game. Nor do i write rambling nonsence which is game related on any kind of game related forum. It is not true i always get up early on a wednesday to log in before work only to be reminded every wednesday it is server maintenance day and all EU servers will be offline until 11am... blah!



its all true.

Hello my name is Elventra and i am an addict!

Anyway. Back on course. I read a blog post about the joys of pugging and believe me i have met my share of muppets. But fear not folks. All is not doom and gloom. I recently joined a random pug to pit of saron. I was convinced it was going to be a disaster after our tank body pulled and caused a wipe then said something random and left the group. I was in as healer and said i would respec to my tank spec as it was easier to find a healer than a tank. Which i did just as a new tank joined. Hmm after a bit of confusion which we sorted out we stormed off and finished the instance. As i have only ever dabbled as cat form and dont know what im doing at all i /w the druid who had joined as tank who suggested i go cat as his gear score was 6k, nearly 1k over mine. But in true form i sent the /w to a dk who was in our group. By the time i realised the druid had left the group and the dk was asking what exactly i wanted to know...... seems he has a level 80 cat and we ended up staying in the group inside the instance for about 2 hours chatting. Funny how things turn out. Like me he is an officer in a guild and we both rolled alts on each others servers and will drop in from time to time to say hi.

Not all addictions are bad it seems ;)