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Sobe Silvertree
05-26-2004, 01:21 PM

Some people have said, I can get a better deal through such and such website. I said sure.. if you want your site to be on a beat up single processor server with 1000 other accounts on it .. and of course you may get an OC48 connection.. just maybe. The difference is we offer speed, we offer a Gigabite Network Backbone, we offer an OC192 Connection, and finally our Server kicks ass - Quad (thats 4) Xeon Pentium 2.8 running this bad boy and a full back up done daily with a Raid 5 for Security.

*Note all packages include standard features: FTP, CPanel User Interface, Webmail, Fantastico web features, Spam Assassin, Anti-virus, Front Page Extensions are installed by request, GD, Image Magick, Perl, CGI, Pop accounts, and more!

Lite Package:
250 Meg Space
250 Meg Bandwidth
5 emails
OC192 Connection
Quad Pentium Xeon 2.8 Server
Price per Year: $79.00 (Less then $7.00 a month!)

Basic Package:
500 Meg Space
500 Meg Badwidth
10 Emails
OC192 Connection
Quad Pentium Xeon 2.8 Server
Price per Year: $99.00 (Less then 9 bucks a month!)

Med Package:
1 Gig Space
1 Gig Bandwidth
50 Emails
OC192 Connection
Quad Pentium Xeon 2.8 Server
Price Per Year: $149.00 (Less then 13.00 a month!)

High End User Package:
2 Gig Space
5 Gig Bandwidth
100 Emails
5 mySQLs
OC192 Connection
Quad Pentium Xeon 2.8 Server
Price Per Year: $199.00 (Less then $17 a month!)

Custom Packages are available and we work with you on pricing for any custom sites, you would be surprised! We already support many Small Business needs. We can support any needs that you require including basic webdesign, PHP, Flash and many more, including our Maintenance partner program to keep your website updated for a minimal monthly fee. And if you or your company is just looking for Email Services we provide these services also and you can be assured that 90% of your Spam will be removed.

Contact our Team!! (
Yes you heard it right..

For all those that are wondering why we are starting up hosting.. well the money earned goes back to the Grove.. to keep the site cost down.. and not soley depend on Donations.. sure you can still donate... because quite frankly we don't expect 1000 people to jump on this.. there are a million hosting companies out there.. .. the difference is for the past 5 years we have earned the respect of our community and always been there for you!

As for the "Advertisement" this is for everyone.. its an offer that you know will go to your community!

So on with the details!

Are you interested in having your own site/domain?
- Need a domain.. we can even get those for you!

Are you interested in having your own email that stops spam and viruses before they even get to you?

How about a place you can call all yours.. a place to put your pictures, screenshots, files.. want them password protected? Easy scripts provide you with these fuctions!

How about your own chatroom?

Packages are now available through The Druids Grove network!

We can support any site required needs all the way up to renting out your own server!

- Your needs are important to us.. custom packages can be developed, and site building software is available if you do not have a clue how to create your own site.

As for basic packages.. this is what can be offered!

Scripts!!.. that means you just push a button .. follow the script and bang.. its ready.

b2 (0.6.1)
b2evolution (0.8.6)
Nucleus (2.0)
pMachine Free (2.3)
WordPress (1.0)

Drupal (4.3.2)
Geeklog (1.3.8-1sr3)
PHP-Nuke (6.8)
phpWebSite (0.9.3-2 english)
Post-Nuke (
Siteframe (3.1.2)
Xoops ( <O ="">:p></O>:p>

Customer Support:
Crafty Syntax Live Help (2.7)
<ST1 =""><?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /><ST1:PLACENAME w:st="on">Help</ST1:PLACENAME> <ST1:PLACETYPE w:st="on">Center</ST1:PLACETYPE></ST1> Live (1.1)
osTicket (1.2.5)
PHP Support Tickets (1.7)
Support Logic Helpdesk (1.1)
Support Services Manager (1.0b)

Discussion Boards:
Invision Board (1.3)
phpBB2 (2.0.6c)
YaBBSE (1.5.4) <O =""></O>

CubeCart (2.0.1)
OS Commerce (2.2 MS2) <O =""></O>

Image Galleries:
4images Gallery (1.7)
Gallery (1.4.1) <O ="">:p></O>:p>

Mailing List:
PHPlist (2.6.5)

Project Management:
PHProjekt (4.1)
dotProject (1.0.1) <O =""></O>

Other Scripts:
Moodle (1.1.1)
Noah’s Classifieds (1.3)
Open-Realty (1.1.4)
phpAdsNew (2.0)
PHPauction (2.1)
phpFormGenerator (2.05)
phpLinks (2.1.2)
WebCalendar (0.9.42)

Well if that doesn't get your attention!

Your control panel is cpanel which gives you full control of over your site.. including Email, Statistics, FTP accounts, and much much more! - If you want a picture .. ( .. put in cpanel Lots of raves out there about how nice it is! - Just ask Rahjeir he said make sure it has cPanel or I quit!

How bout languages and databases for all you builders?!

mySQL Databases

PHP 4.3.8


Private CGI-BIN <O =""></O>

Server Side Includes <O =""></O>

Macromedia Shockwave and Flash

Database Manager and phpMyAdmin

Still not interested?

Sub Domains <O =""></O>

FTP Accounts (Admin stuff)

Custom Error Pages <O =""></O>

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions <O =""></O>

Password Protection ( Have files that you want only select people to view?)

Custom Error Pages

Cron (Schedule) Jobs

Web Based File Manager <O =""></O>

Usage Reports/Statistics (Webalizer/Analog/AWstats/Raw Logs)

Additional MIME Types

How about Email services?? (Basic Package)

Email Features <O =""></O>

Pop and Web Email Accounts <O =""></O>

Auto Responders (On Vacation Auto responders)

Forwarders <O =""></O>

Mail Blockers

Mailing Lists (Send to a Group of people at once)

SPAM Blockers

Example of Virus Protection "Yes .. People send me viruses all the time"

This is a message from the MailScanner E-Mail Virus Protection Service
The original e-mail attachment "data30467.pif"
was believed to be infected by a virus and has been replaced by this warning message.

If you wish to receive a copy of the *infected* attachment, please
e-mail helpdesk and include the whole of this message
in your request. Alternatively, you can call them, with
the contents of this message to hand when you call.

At Mon May 24 19:30:29 2004 the virus scanner said:
data30467.pif contains Worm.SomeFool.Q
Shortcuts to MS-Dos programs are very dangerous in email (data30467.pif)
No programs allowed (data30467.pif)

Note to Help Desk: Look on the MailScanner in /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20040524 (message 1BSOti-0003ta-1A).
Mailscanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

Yes, that would of hurt!

As for help - there are a bunch of Flash Movies that are available for you to review when you just can't figure out how to do something!

If your interested - Please contact us at: (

Terms of Service are located here (

We accept Paypal!
We accept Checks!
We accept Cash!
No Sheep!!
Trade of Services maybe accepted but are reviewed on a monthly basis
All proceeds go to The Druids Grove Forums.. truth is I love to take the donations signs down one day.. and this is our attempt at doing it.. instead of advertising like I see so many sites doing these days.

Grygonos Thunderwulf
05-26-2004, 03:56 PM
/sniff you had me at cron jobs....