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07-13-2004, 12:10 AM
Druids of the Fang, created by KyleStormfang, is a group of druids dedicated to restoring Nature to what it was before the Legion's invasion.

Short RP Biography:
Before the First Invasion by the Legion, a curious elf named Vin'lylth studied the ways of nature and the Titans. He and his followers were some of the wisest beings on Azeroth. They knew the dangers of arcane magic, and pleaded with the Highbourne to stop its useage. Then the foolish Highbourne allowed the demons to come. Vin'lylth and his followers fought against them with all of their might. Before Azsthera was sent to the bottom of the sea, she placed a curse on Vin'lylth's people.

At night, they would transform into monolithic beasts.When Furion and the other Druids slumbered in the Emerald Dream, Vin'lylth and his comrades searched for a cure, feeling they were to impure to join in the Dream.

One day, while in deep meditation, Vin'lylth saw a vision of a great runeblade, Naturewrath.Its hilt carved from a shard of the original World Tree, blade made of the finest elvish steel, smithed by the greatest blacksmiths.Once he had the components assembled, he sat in his temple, the Temple of the Fang, meditating for days. When he emerged from the Temple, he carried a sword of emense power. The Runes glowed dark green, while the actual blade glowed a fainter, light green.When the moon arose, Vin'lylth didn't transform while his kin did.

Soon they learned of the Legion's return, and they did not sit idle.They took arms and fought, but were pushed back.Then the moon rose.The Druids went through the transformation yet again, but this time was different.They answered to a call greater of that of the curse.They brought many a demon to their knees.

After Archimonde's defeat, the Druids of the Fang, as they were dubbed, were once again accepted in elvish society. While still cursed, they began to control their powers. Vin'lylth now wonders the land, training for the harsh times ahead, and searching for a cure for his people.

We are seeking someone with experience making sites. We need at least six more Druids for WoW, but are hoping for more than the required ten. We have positions for the other classes, but they must still be elves.

Race Requirements: Night Elf *only*
Class: Druids (exceptions may be made)

Druids of the Fang is a roleplaying only, Night Elf guild, dedicated to defending nature. We are looking for talented roleplayers who are willing to roleplay Night Elves with a physical curse that consumes your whole body with a beast-like shapeshift.

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