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King Burgundy
07-14-2004, 10:41 PM
Shapeshifting is what makes a Druid unique and the development team recognizes the need for improvement. As such, they have been meeting to discuss ways to improve shapeshifting, improvements that will make both available forms more desirable and useful to the player.

Below is a list of discussions centering around the Druid and shapeshifting:

Reevaluating the high mana costs currently associated with shapeshifting.
Reevaluating the existing zero mana regeneration while shapeshifted.
Reevaluating the long cooldown time that currently exists between changing forms.
Evaluating the possibility of adding a new shapeshifting form(s) (possibly after release; no details are currently available).
Including Talents that will enhance shapeshifting abilities.

I have no ETA on when these changes will be implemented during the Beta process. Please continue to be patient while the team works on improvements for Druids and their ability to shapeshift.

~Kat :)


The Druid currently has no main attribute and instead has four attributes that are all desirable for the class (Stamina, Intelligence, Spirit and Strength). The team feels that more focus needs to be put on Druid attributes and would prefer for there to be only one or possibly two main attributes vs. the current four.

They are in the process of reworking the Druid. Druid attributes are a part of that process so main attribute changes may be coming in the future.

~Kat :)

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