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07-29-2004, 08:32 AM
Tigole let some info drop regarding the content for the next patch:

Here’s a quick update on some of the stuff we’re working on for next patch:

Hunter Class
Gnomish and Goblin Engineering
Ungoro Crater (48-55 Zone)
Felwood (48-55 Zone)
Burning Steppes (50-58 Zone)
Blackrock Depths (48-56 Dungeon)
Rogue Talents
Priest Talents
Auction House Improvements
Deathstalker Vincent is finally laid to rest
Lots of other things!

Some of this stuff may or may not be included in the patch, but it’s all being worked on. Don’t send the lynch mob after me if we hold some of the content =P

Oh, and here’s one the PvP server folks will like:

Faction specific graveyards. If you’re Horde and you die in Hillsbrad you’ll end up in Tarren Mill. Alliance will go to Southshore.

We’re also doing tons of bug fixing and optimization.

Ok, enough trolling for me. Back to work!

As you can see, lots of new content including the long-awaited final class: Hunters, as well as some interesting new zones. There's speculation the level cap will be raised some more to 55 as well.

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