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08-25-2004, 02:49 PM
Rob Pardo (AKA EnoYls) clears up many's concerns regarding the recent changes that made the spirit attribute non-effective:

In the most recent patch, some changes were made to spirit. The intention was to just make extremely high amounts of spirit give dimishing returns so that no one could accumulate enough spirit to out regenerate their spell usage. However, the change did far more then that. The change was based around what your "expected" spirit values were for any given level/class and then had dimishing returns in both directions from this value.

Unfortunately, because of the actual numbers used, spirit now has very little in-game effect. This is NOT intended and will be corrected. Do not throw away your spirit gear. Our long-term goal will be to have both intellect and spirit viable for casters to use.

Please don't ask for an ETA, because I do not have one yet. Once we have corrected the change and once again try to correct the problem we were originally trying to solve, we will have a better idea. I would like to try to get it into a mini-patch, but it might have to wait for the next major one.