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09-16-2004, 12:16 PM
No longer will the word Train be used in MMO's strictly in reference to a mass of Mobs chasing some poor players heels...

Here's another tidbit from the upcoming patch. :)

The gnomes have certainly been busy! When the latest patch arrives, so too does the latest transportation method: the Deeprun Tram!

In the aftermath of the Second War, the humans of Stormwind began the grueling task of rebuilding the war-torn lands surrounding their battered kingdom. In those days, the bonds of brotherhood that cradled the Alliance were still at their strongest, and the dwarves of Ironforge were quick to lend aid to their human allies. King Magni Bronzebeard was frustrated, however, at the sluggish pace with which his country's aid was being delivered to Stormwind, and eager as well to establish a means of reinforcing the human kingdom with dwarven soldiers should the need arise. To address these two concerns, King Bronzebeard turned to Azeroth's most esteemed engineer, High Tinker Mekkatorque, who immediately began drafting designs for a grand subterranean railway system that would link Stormwind and Ironforge. Today, his vision has become reality, and the newly-built Deeprun Tram has developed into an indispensable link between the two great capitals, providing swift and safe transportation for thousands of their citizens, and bolstering military cooperation between the armies of these two proud Alliance strongholds.

With the latest in gnomish technology, travel between the two mighty Alliance cities will be faster than ever. Be sure to give it a try once the new beta patch is released!
- Caydiem -
Assistant Community Manager, WoW

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