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09-19-2004, 01:01 AM
Blizzard has posted the patch notes, and also stated that they're going to try and get the download for the patch available for us to grab it tomorrow while the server is down.

From the patch notes:
Druid and Shaman talents are now available. Druids and Shamans can now utilize the talent interface by pressing the "Talents" button next to the "Spellbook and Abilities" button, or by pressing the "N" default hotkey. Talents become available (to classes that currently have talents) to players starting at level 10.

And concerning patch availability:
... we are working to try to make the US World of Warcraft beta patch available for download this weekend. The World of Warcraft beta game servers will remain offline for at least 48 hours as discussed above, but if we are able to provide the patch ahead of time, then when the game servers do eventually come back online, the plan is for players to already be patched up and ready to resume playing.

You can find the patch notes here (

You can read both of the Official News Items here (

And feel free to discuss this on our forums here ( in jenalyn's post.