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10-07-2004, 03:33 PM
Blizzard is making an appeal to all you shutterbugs:

Group Screenshot Contest!
The venerable founders of the Royal Photographic Society have decreed that there shall be a contest to identify the most organized group of heroes on Azeroth. Between 12:00 noon PDT on October 7 and 11:59 A.M PDT on October 18, the RPSA will be accepting “group screenshot” submissions for this contest. The screenshot depicting the most impressive group formation will earn the title of Best Group Screenshot in the World of Warcraft Beta and be displayed proudly here on and on as well.
Do you and nine or more of your associates have what it takes to come together and pose with precision and flair? If so, click here for additional contest details, including the official rules and submission form (, and good luck to you!

News post over at The Official World of Warcraft Site (