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10-13-2004, 02:55 PM
Caydiem just posted 2 news posts over at The Official World of Warcraft Site ( It looks like a lot of work is going to be done on the servers this week.

The World of Warcraft closed beta servers will be coming down for scheduled maintenance on both Thursday, October 14 and Friday, October 15. On Thursday, the downtime will begin at 6:00AM PDT and should last about four hours. On Friday, the downtime will begin at 6:00AM PDT and will last approximately ten hours. Thank you for bearing with us during this time!

Ten hours!!! O.O They're either giving themselves a big window in which to get the job done or they're doing something major to the server. Of course, the 10 hours tied in with the 4 hours the day before means they're doing something big.

Sign-up and Account Creation Deactivation - Caydiem on 10/13/04
On Friday, October 15, the servers that handle both sign-ups and account creation will come down in preparation for Web-infrastructure updates. If you have a beta key that you have not yet activated, we strongly recommend you do so before Friday. You will be unable to create a closed beta account once we deactivate these services. As always, thank you for being patient with us while we work to bring you the best experience we can deliver.

Looks like more steps being taken to get ready for the Open Beta Sign-ups. For anyone panicking about Open Beta being too soon and that the game isn't ready for release yet.... You're right! But don't panic, the sign-ups have to take place first, then the Open Beta will start, so there's still plenty of time.